Define your identity


1. Tell us about your customers, your followers,or who you want to reach and we’ll help tailoryour product to meet their needs.
2. Do you already have a designated glasses style or designs for Custom (OEM/ODM ) manufacture?
3. What is your retail price range for the products in your

Submit Your Design or Some Idea
1.Send us your own artwork, or sketch, or some reference photos, or the special elements compromises into the eyeglasses products, so our experienced design team can help you with that, we will make your ideas become manufacturable.
2.Customize the detail and select the materials, which according to the structure and process to meet the quality requirements



Product specifications:
• Choose your eye glasses shape;
• Decide the order QTY;
• Custom measure frame shape and if needed;
• Customize temple/tips shape and length;
• Choose Material (e.g., Acetate / Metal / Titanium);
• Choose Glasses Colors/all available;
• Choose Lens (e.g., Digital HD lenses / Sunglasses Lenses);
Detail customization:
• Nose pad type (e.g., Material,W/O LOGO);
• Screw type (e.g., Plus or Minus head screw);
• Logo (e.g., Mould stamping, zinc alloy trims, metal sticker, laser,hot stamping, tampor printing…);
• Other specifications…
• Don't have a Technical Drawing?We can help you creat your own design drawing at free cost.


Quotation & Ordering


 Quotation: Based on the technical specifications of the customized design, Timeless Eyewear will provide you a detailed production quotation with a reasonable prices
based on MOQ (usually in the 400 pieces per model up to 3colors). We will do great job on QUALITY CONTROL & COST CONTROL.
Ordering: Once we have agreed on the technical and commercial conditions of the project, Timeless Eyewear will require an advance payment of 30%-40% of the total amount to proceed with the prototypes sampling 

Additional services, Create branded packaging


We’ll do one-stop solution for your sunglasses
and eye glasses business line, craft an
unboxing experience your customers will love,
taking into consideration brand, utility and

STEP 5: Sampling


It usually takes 1 month to produce a sample of your design, which
we then ship to your address by Air Express freight for approval.

STEP 6: Production&Quality Control


• Once the sample is approved, Timeless Eyewear will do your
customized design in the batch production, perform a tight quality
control process to make sure that the final product is just like the
samples that you approved earlier,or some details or colors if want
it improved during the bulk production.
• Standard warranty is 1 year after delivery has been made for any
manufacturing issue.

STEP 7: Shipping


• Timeless’s total logistics solution ensures we deliver products to where
you need them, when you need them. We take complete ownership of your product until it has reached its final destination.
• Normally,Once your product is ready and quality checked by Timeless
Eyewear, we will deliver to you by air (10-15 days) or sea (1~2 months),
depending on your preference.

Less time managing your supply chain.
More time building your brand.

One point of contact

Cut down the typical 4-6 month development timelines to 2-3 months.

Minimize your overhead

Reduce your labor costs. Timeless has practical experience sales team, design team&Production team for all your needs.

One point of contact

Save your effort on solving the problem of eyeglasses related products supplying chain difficulties. We'll keep things on track.


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