12 constellations after losing their glasses (boys)


After the 12 constellations lose their glasses...what funny things will happen? Follow the editor to look down! Let’s talk about the boys today, let’s take a look at the different things after the 12 constellations men lose their glasses Kind of reaction! Takekawa Kino Z2602 Unisex Spectacle Frame C3 Tortoiseshell 1. Aries (ARIES) March 22 ~ April 20 After the glasses are lost-the hot temper is coming to Aries boy: Hey! How do you guys return What? Hurry up and look for me on the ground, or I'm not polite, don't think I can't see you! Hey! You, you...Who is it that hit me? 2. Taurus (TAURUS) April 20~5 After the glasses were lost on the 20th-stubborn and actual nature revealed undoubtedly Taurus boy: I bought glasses last week! More than 1,000 yuan, this is my carefully selected, at least three or five years of wear Yo! But...you have to find me! Which one hit me? 3. Gemini (GEMINI) May 21~June 21 After the glasses are lost-super cheerful and have fun Gemini boy: just buy it again Yes, there is a gossip that this brand of glasses has a new style, think about it, it can be even more weird! 4. Cancer (CANCER) June 22 ~ July 22 after the loss of glasses-hesitated to be sad to Cancer boy: My God! What should I do? Mom bought it for me with a month's salary. Did you tell your mother that the glasses were lost? Or did you buy a pair and cheated your mother? 6. Virgo (VIRGO) August 23 ~ September 22 After the glasses are lost-you can't see clearly and don't forget to be picky about Virgo boy : Why is there no glasses anymore? Why is it so noisy here? Isn't it orderly? 'Keep to the right, keep to the right,' figure out and then step on the leg...really, how did it happen! 7. Libra (LIBRA) ) From September 23rd to October 22nd, after the glasses are lost-the image of 'Mr. Good' can't damage the Libra boy: It is a pity to lose his eyes, but there is no need to be hysterical. It is better to settle down and go home. 8. Scorpio (SCORPIO) October 23 ~ November 21 after the glasses are lost-who dare to deceive me will not let him Scorpio boy: Why do these glasses break when they hit the ground? Not that it is anti-fall and anti-collision Is it? You must go to the store owner to settle the account later! You dare to fool me. But for now, deal with the person who hit me first. You! Lose my glasses! 9. SAGITTARIUS (SAGITTARIUS) November 22 ~ December 21 after the glasses are lost-everything will happen OK Sagittarius boy: The glasses are gone, it's okay, anyway, I don't know how to be a Persian cat How do you feel, that's right! Hey... 10. Capricorn (CAPRICORN) December 22 ~ January 19 after losing your glasses-remember the lesson and don't commit it next time. Capricorn boy: I really shouldn't go out at this time, crowded to death, and lost a pair of glasses. It's not worth the loss. We must remember this lesson, this road cannot be approached in the future. 11. AQUARIUS (AQUARIUS) January 20th ~ February 18th after the glasses are lost-be original and unconventional and don't care about others' eyes. Boy Aquarius: Wow! These glasses have lenses on one side and no lenses, so they are pretty good to wear. Go out and show them first and let them have their eyes open. Oh! Isn't this the dinosaur girl from the neighbor's house? How come it looks beautiful. Hahaha...12. Pisces (PISCES) February 19th ~ March 20th after the glasses are lost-the first tenderness Pisces boy: No glasses! My poor glasses! You and I have only been together for a week , But now she's already submerged in a sea of u200bu200bpeople... It's really no fate. That person must be very busy just now, so he ran into me. I want to forgive her. Related reading: glasses frame glasses
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