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Speaking of which, in this era of constant pursuit of fashion and fashion, if you want to have a high rate of returning to the street and attract crowds in street photography, a good way is to choose a pair of sunglasses that suit your style, but there are so many styles of sunglasses. What is the style? Style 1: Literary and fresh. As the equipment to create a retro literary style, this color lens seems to be specially made for summer. Although the clear lens seems to only be used for concave shape, it can effectively resist ultraviolet rays, and the style is very versatile. The square lens has a marked cutting design on the nose, which is much more practical than the small round black lens in 'Gatsby'. No wonder the male gods and goddesses don't hesitate to hit the money and wear them in the sun. Li Xiaolu’s self-portrait is a peach pink that pokes a girl’s heart. I feel that even wearing this blush is omitted. It is very fashionable and versatile. Nothing pulls the wind more than this sunny yellow color, which Big Bang members Quan Zhilong and Top have worn on stage. Li Yifeng has also worn it at the airport. In fact, the yellow color looks like this in daily outdoor. Fengfeng paired with a white shirt and sweater, and suddenly had the temperament of a young literary and artistic youth. Style 2: Gorgeous retro personality Ray-Ban RB3532 Men's Sunglasses 001/68 gold round lenses are very picky, but they are very eye-catching when worn. The retro sunglasses with round frames are gorgeous and retro in the Gatsby era, and they have always been the individual retro sunglasses sought after by celebrities. Xu Qing, the representative of Sweet Sister, often wears round sunglasses in variety shows. The super high appearance rate proves her enthusiasm for these sunglasses. Style 3: Fairy-like charm 'mirror glass + decorative metal frameThe uplifting design in the corner of the eye is sexy in the exaggeration, and the neat lines have a sense of architecture, which is durable and high-end. The fashionable 'God' little Song Jia, with a neat haircut and some playful sunglasses, is fashionable and agile. Style 4: There are more and more creative lenses for the goddess of personality. In addition to the geometric cutting sense of pentagons, hexagons and so on, Dior's 2016 summer 'splicing sense' sunglasses are also popular. The classic aviator sunglasses are designed with ultra-thin mirror arms. The 'thick stripes' on the mirror perfectly echo the stripe elements of this season's Dior fashion, which is a modern transformation of classic models. Pilot eyes and double-breasted trench coat are a classic combination. Liu Yifei wears this neutral sunglasses with a goddess aura. Wang Luodan wears this cool girl temperament. The gold frame with silver reflective lens design is versatile, no matter what the color matching clothes can hold. Style five: classic all-match Ray-Ban RB3025 unisex sunglasses 001/58 There is also a pilot sunglasses often interpreted by celebrities is this VB home. The classic aviator sunglasses are Ray-Ban's 3025 models, which are either modern and handsome or classic styles. This aviator sunglasses is very versatile, classic style, 100% UV protection and colorful mirror design are also favored by goddesses. Ruby Lin, who just announced his love affair with Huo Jianhua, was once a fan of this sunglasses. She is still confident with her face and sunglasses. The goddess Fan Bingbing cleverly used the color of sunglasses to match clothes, this color can only be held by skin white and red lips. Style 6: The rugged resin frame of the queen of the aura has always been a powerful item used by girls to decorate their faces, and immediately becomes grand and confident after wearing them. The resin has a very good skin contact feeling, cool and not easy to have indentation. Resin glasses can be regarded as the silk quilt in summer sunglasses! Céline's resin glasses with gradient lenses, the special point is that the upper edge adopts a horizontal design, which is quite retro. The goddess Gong Li puts on this, smiles and enjoys the crowds of fans, as if she has a halo behind her! The above are the styles of several sunglasses summarized by the editor. Of course, the styles of sunglasses are diverse. The above content is only a summary of the editor. More information technology continues to pay attention. Related Reading: Sunglasses and Sunglasses
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