7 factors affecting the quality of sunglasses

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-05-27
u003cbru003eIt’s the time when glasses.com/sunglasses-1.html' target='_blank'>sunglasses are dazzling, but are your sunglasses really fashionable and suitable for you? Qualified sunglasses not only add points to your fashion, but also can effectively protect your eyesight health. Poor quality sunglasses look on the surface Even if they are fashionable and beautiful, they are actually a serious harm to your eyesight health. Are your sunglasses of high quality? Will they harm your eyesight health? I have compiled the 7 factors that affect the quality of sunglasses for your reference. 1) Glare. The light reflected from water or smooth surfaces is 10 to 12 times stronger than the light required by the object. When driving or participating in sports activities, glare can cause eye pain, and at the same time distract attention and cause certain dangers. To determine whether sunglasses can block glare, please wear sunglasses and stand in front of the mirror. If you can see your own eyes, the sunglasses are not deep enough to resist glare. 2) Visible light. In fine weather, to make your eyes feel comfortable, you should choose sunglasses that can block 75%-90% of visible light. Sunglasses that can absorb at least 75% of visible light can prevent the eyes from being damaged by blue light (which belongs to the category of visible light). It is difficult for people to stare at blue light and they usually squint. Blue light can distort colors. 3) Visual effects. Sunglasses should be suitable for you to see clearly and comfortably, and should not clamp your head. But if the sunglasses are loose, it will affect the visual comfort. Mask-type or edge-shielding sunglasses can block ultraviolet light on the sides, top and bottom of ordinary frames, but they may also increase optical distortion. To test the visual effect, please wear sunglasses, and then look at the vertical edges or straight lines (such as door frames or floor tiles). Move your head back and forth so that your eyes are swept across the lens. If the straight line is found to be curved, it means that the lens is defective and distorts the vision. 1.56 Dyed Color Film Bright Blue Sunglasses Myopia Lenses 4) Dyed Lenses. The dyeing should be even, not small pieces of different shades. If a gradient lens is used, the color of the lens should gradually become lighter from the top to the bottom, and the color should be uniform. If you plan to buy sunglasses for driving, check the labels to make sure they meet the requirements for identifying traffic signals. The shading of some sunglasses can distort the color of road signs, especially sunglasses that block ultraviolet light. You cannot wear such sunglasses while driving. Gray: Allows you to recognize true colors; common neutral colors; suitable for general conditions; does not increase contrast; suitable for golfing, cycling or running. Green: Allows you to recognize the true color; common neutral colors; generally applicable; the contrast is not strong under dark light conditions; it can reduce eye fatigue under bright light conditions. Brown: more suitable for use in weather with low sunlight; can deepen the contrast; suitable for sports in glare environments, such as skiing, fishing or sailing. Amber: Block blue light; increase brightness in cloudy and foggy days; see the color as yellow or orange; strong contrast; minimize eye fatigue; suitable for athletes, pilots or skiers. Yellow: good depth vision and contrast in low light conditions; standard ski goggles in cloudy weather; suitable for target shooting. Vermillion: Good depth vision in low light; strong contrast with blue and green background; suitable for skiers or athletes. 5) Polarized light. Through a special lamination process, a polarizing filter is added to the glasses. Hard resin and high refractive index plastic lenses are polarized during the casting process. When the polycarbonate lens is still in a liquid state, a polarizing film is added to it. Conventional sunglasses can reduce visible light, but their ability to resist glare is extremely weak. Most polarized lenses contain chemicals that block ultraviolet rays. Because the polarizer can reduce glare, so many golf, fishing and outdoor sports enthusiasts love it for ten minutes. Recommended for drivers and people working in front of computer screens. 6) Lens coating. The lens coating can reflect high-density light and reduce glare, thereby reducing the amount of visible light that can reach the eye. To coat the lens, a thin layer of vapor metal can be added to the surface of the lens in the vacuum chamber. The above are some of the quality issues that need to be considered when choosing sunglasses. Sunglasses are currently popular accessories. If you want to have a good look, you must choose the right facial repair artifact for you! u003cbru003e
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