A clock lets you understand what polarized sunglasses are


In summer, fishing friends like to wear polarized glasses. Why? The reason is very simple. Polarized sunglasses have the function of filtering polarized light. If you wear them for fishing, it is easier to see drift and your eyes are not tired. If the lenses are dark in color (such as brown, green and gray, etc.), they can be worn in summer. , It feels more comfortable! The natural light in life with polarized sunglasses is composed of electromagnetic waves that move in a specific direction, and the reflected or scattered light usually comes from a specific direction. Therefore, the light that enters the eyes in daily life It comes from all directions, and the polarized sunglasses themselves are composed of a balanced arrangement of crystals. This structure allows only light waves parallel to the crystal to pass through. Therefore, those light waves that vibrate at other angles are all blocked. It can effectively eliminate and filter the polarized light in the beam, which is why polarized sunglasses can filter out the sunlight reflected from the roof or pool. After the natural light is filtered by the polarized lens, it can only let light in one direction. by. Polarized sunglasses use this feature to block harmful light, because no matter what the sun touches any object, it will produce harmful glare due to natural reflection or refraction. Polarized sunglasses can completely absorb these glare that can cause glare and damage the eyes. This can enhance the contrast, reduce reflections, enhance the color of the scene, reduce the effect of atmospheric fog, and make the vision clear and natural. Just like the principle of blinds, the light is adjusted to the same direction and enters the room, which naturally makes the scene look soft and not dazzling. Related reading: Polarized myopia sunglasses
Anyone who has seen the latest oem sunglasses custom eyeglasses in operation cannot help but be impressed with how far the technology has progressed over the past few years.
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