A simple way to distinguish polarized sunglasses

u003cbru003eThere are many products advertised as polarized sunglasses on the market, but we can't quickly identify whether the sunglasses are polarized. Especially for motorists, it is more important to have a pair of polarized sunglasses. The editor will teach you a few tricks to quickly identify polarized sunglasses! YC9702 Universal Sunglasses C1 Black Frame, White Legs/Lens Colorful Silver 1. Simple method: stack two polarized lenses vertically, the lens will appear opaque. Reason: The special design of the polarizer lens only allows parallel light to pass through the lens. When the two lenses are stacked vertically, most of the light is blocked. When you buy, you can immediately know the authenticity and quality of the product with such a simple operation. 2. Use the LCD screen: face the glasses horizontally to the screen, there is no change in the lens at this time, and then turn the glasses clockwise to a 45° angle, you can see that the color of the lens becomes darker, and then turn it back to normal. If the lens does not change no matter how it rotates, it is not a polarizer. 3. Use a mobile phone to distinguish polarized sunglasses: as long as the glasses face the mobile phone screen horizontally, the lens does not change at this time, and then turn the glasses clockwise to a 45° angle, and see that the color of the lens becomes darker, and then turn it back to normal. This is the polarized lens. If there is no change no matter how you turn it, then this pair of glasses is not a polarizer. It is worth noting that polarizers with special functions will not be obvious when testing polarized light, such as driving mirrors at night (polarizers). YC9705 Universal Sunglasses C5 Tortoiseshell/Brown The practical mobile phone screen is similar to the LCD screen, because polarized sunglasses are manufactured according to the principle of light polarization, which can effectively eliminate and filter the scattered light in the beam, so that the light can be transmitted on the right track. The optical axis is put into the visual image of the eye to make the vision clear and natural. The light emitted by the mobile phone screen is also along a particular direction. When the lens of polarized sunglasses is facing a relatively bright mobile phone screen, the sunglasses will change with the angle, and the light will change. That is, as the angle changes, sometimes the mobile phone light will pass through, and sometimes it will be filtered. Except for the phenomenon of flickering and dimming, which ordinary sunglasses will not. So what is the difference between ordinary sunglasses and polarized sunglasses? If you want to know the answer, hurry up and poke the link~ The difference between polarized lenses and sunglasses. Related Reading: Polarized Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses
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