Advantages and disadvantages of transitional sunglasses lenses

u003cbru003eIf you wear glasses, you will be familiar with the trouble of dealing with the sun. Take your glasses and sunglasses with you, switch back and forth every time you go out, and then come back again. An easy option is to wear glasses with photochromic or 'transition' lenses. When you go in, these special lenses darken in the sun and then brighten. Recommended reading: How to choose the material of lenses and glasses? Photochromic lenses have existed for decades. Once, glass lenses were your only material choice, and gray lenses were the only color. But today's photochromic glasses have many materials and a range of lens colors. The most popular brand today is Transitions, but photochromic lenses are produced by many manufacturers. Other brands include Sensity, Thin u0026 Dark and PhotoFusion. Depending on the type of lens and brand, photochromic lenses will darken due to different processes. The earliest glass photochromic lenses relied on silver chloride or silver halide to react to ultraviolet light and darken. Most photochromic lenses today use proprietary dyes, which are chemically changed to darken the lenses when exposed to ultraviolet light. Is 'transition shot' right for you? Glasses with photochromic lenses do provide convenience, but are these types of glasses right for you? The following are the advantages and disadvantages of photochromic glasses: Advantages of transition lenses: They are very convenient. You can use these glasses in most situations, whether indoors or outdoors; they provide continuous UV protection. You will no longer forget your sunglasses or bother to travel outside; they will not easily get lost. When you don't have two pairs to track, you and your child are unlikely to lose glasses; they are available in a variety of styles and colors to meet most people's prescription needs. If you need drop-resistant lenses, bifocal glasses, progressive lenses or have other special needs, you can almost certainly provide you with photochromic lenses; they can save money, and you may not need to buy prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses. Disadvantages of transition lenses: Depending on the brand, they will darken and brighten. Some people also need more time to change. Discuss your needs and choices with an eye care professional; in cold weather, they take longer to adjust; they will not darken in the car, and the car glass has a certain UV protection function to prevent photochromism The lens becomes darker. Some lenses are designed to help solve this problem; today's advanced high-quality glasses with photochromic lenses may not be a splurge, but for many people it is a wise solution. Consider whether they are suitable for your lifestyle.
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