Analysis of common problems in sunglasses

u003cbru003e★1. What are the basic requirements for qualified sunglasses? It must be able to effectively cut off ultraviolet rays (UV range: 0-380 NM); consumers must be able to clearly distinguish the red, yellow, and green colors after wearing sunglasses; the sunglasses must ensure the personal safety of the wearer (the lens must be able to Passed FDA test); After wearing sunglasses, there must be no distortion of vision (except for myopic sunglasses).  ★2. How to prove whether the sunglasses lens can cut off ultraviolet rays? You can use the counterfeit detector to test. When the counterfeit detector illuminates the real 50 or 100 yuan banknote, the fluorescent character of 50 or 100 will be displayed on the banknote. At this time, use sunglasses to cover the counterfeit detector. If it still appears on the banknote Fluorescent words indicate that the pair of sunglasses does not completely isolate ultraviolet rays. If the fluorescent words do not appear on the banknotes, it means that the pair of sunglasses can effectively isolate ultraviolet rays.  ★3. What are polarized sunglasses? What is the difference between it and ordinary sunglasses? When the sun shines on the surface of the object, it will cause glare due to the diffuse direction (this kind of light is very dazzling). The glare will cause eyes fatigue and discomfort when irradiating the eyes for a long time;    ordinary sunglasses can only reduce the light. Transmission intensity, ordinary lenses can reduce glare to a certain extent (that is, simply reduce the brightness of incident light), but cannot eliminate glare. Polarized lenses not only reduce incident light, but also effectively eliminate glare; the reason why    polarized lenses can The reason for eliminating glare is like blinds. When we adjust the angle of blinds, the light in the room will change from bright to dark or dark to bright. This is because there is only light parallel to the angle of the blinds. In order to enter the room through the blinds, the light entering the room is adjusted from the chaotic multi-directional scattering to the one-way direct light, so that the light entering the room becomes soft. The polarized lens also has a single-direction polarization axis in the lens. These unidirectional polarized light The shaft is like the blade of a blind, which can effectively arrange and filter the incident light. When the light passes through the lens, it is arranged into the same direction for the eyes, which makes the outside scenery look clearer and soft and not glaring.  ★4. Which kind of lens has the better hardness of polarized lens or ordinary lens? At present, the thickness of ordinary polarized lenses (also known as Polaroid lenses or PL lenses) is only 0.75 and 1.1 mm. The hardness of this kind of lens is very low (lower than AC, PC, CR39 and other lenses), so it is very easy to scratch However, the toughness of this lens is very good, the lens will not be broken, and the polarization performance of this lens is also quite good; now there are AC polarized lenses, PC polarized lenses, C R39 polarized lenses and glass polarized lenses on the market. These lenses are basically manufactured by the laminating process, that is, a layer of polarized film is laminated between the double-layer lenses, which can effectively avoid the shortcomings of ordinary polarized lenses and ensure the polarization characteristics of the lenses. The strength of the lenses produced by the process is considerably stronger than that of the lenses of the same thickness and the same material.  ★5. Can polarized lenses be washed with water? Ordinary Polaroid lenses cannot be cleaned with water;   AC polarized lenses, PC polarized lenses, and C R39 polarized lenses should avoid washing with water as much as possible;  P ILKINGTON polarized lenses with sealant around the lens can be washed with water.
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