Analysis of sunglasses shape and shading type

u003cbru003eStudies have shown that if too much ultraviolet light enters the periphery of ordinary spectacle frames, the protective effect of the lenses will be reduced, causing damage to the eyes. Recommended reading: Is UV protection enough for children's sunglasses? The shape of the wrap-around glasses can prevent light from shining around the frame and entering the eyes, and can protect your eyes from all angles. Progressive lenses. Progressive lenses cover permanently from top to bottom or from top and bottom towards the middle. A single gradient lens (darker at the top and lighter at the bottom) can cut glare from the sky, but allows you to see clearly below. They are very useful for driving because they do not dim your view of the dashboard. However, they are not so good at reducing glare on snowy environments or beaches. Dual gradient lenses (the top and bottom are darker, and the middle is shallower) may be more suitable for sports where light reflects off the water or snow, such as sailing or skiing. It is not recommended to use dual gradient lenses for driving, as they will make the dashboard look dim. Mirror coating Mirror finish is a thin layer of various metal coatings on ordinary lenses. Although they can reduce the amount of visible light entering your eyes, don't assume that they will completely protect you from ultraviolet radiation. Block 90% of infrared infrared wavelengths are invisible and generate heat. Sunlight has a low level of infrared rays, and the eyes can tolerate infrared rays well. Some sunglasses manufacturers make health claims for their products based on infrared protection, but studies have not shown a close connection between eye disease and infrared. Whether blue light blocking blue light is harmful to the eyes remains controversial. The lens that blocks all blue light is usually amber, making your surroundings look yellow or orange. Presumably, the color tone makes distant objects look clearer, especially in snow or fog. Therefore, amber sunglasses are very popular among skiers, hunters, rowers and pilots.
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