Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various myopia sunglasses

u003cbru003eIn this autumn season, many people mistakenly think that there is no need to wear sunglasses. In fact, the autumn sun will still harm our eyes, so it is still necessary to wear sunglasses. There are many sunglasses on the market, but it is difficult for myopic friends to find one that suits them. Today, I will take everyone to count the advantages and disadvantages of various myopia sunglasses. The first category: integrated myopia sunglasses. Advantages: This type of myopia glasses is no different from ordinary flat sunglasses in appearance, but adds the function of myopia glasses on the basis of ordinary sunglasses. Its appearance is more beautiful and fashionable, and it looks fashionable when worn. Disadvantages: Wearing such sunglasses indoors will cause damage to the eyes. If you don't wear them, the vision will be blurred and people will be in a dilemma. The second category: external myopia sunglasses. Advantages: This type of myopia sunglasses is composed of two parts, myopia glasses and sunglasses clip. It avoids the disadvantage that the integrated myopia glasses cannot be worn indoors, and the shape is simple and convenient to switch. Disadvantages: Because everyone has different sizes of myopic glasses frames, there are not many types of clips matched with them, and the options are relatively small. If the choice is not appropriate, there may be differences in the size of the original lens and the clip. The third category: color-changing glasses. Advantages: the lenses of color-changing glasses will automatically change color in the sun, providing the function of sunglasses. When indoors, the color will automatically fade and become ordinary glasses for myopia. It avoids the cumbersome exchange of the two parts of external myopic sunglasses, and provides the functions of myopic glasses and sunglasses for myopic friends in real time. It is a popular myopic sunglasses. Disadvantages: The big disadvantage of this short-sighted sunglasses is that the price is higher than ordinary sunglasses. Each style of myopic sunglasses has its own advantages and disadvantages. As for which one to choose later, it still needs to be determined by personal preference and economic ability. The glasses experts warmly remind you that no matter which one you choose, you must take comfort as the basic principle.
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