Appreciation of new sunglasses from major international brands

u003cbru003eSunglasses are a kind of fashionable accessory, and the major international trend brands also pay great attention to the design and update of sunglasses. 2016 has already come, let us take a look at the 2016 brand new sunglasses of international famous brands. Bottega Veneta Bottega Veneta launched the new Felis series of cat-eye sunglasses, limited to only 500 pairs. With his unique perspective, creative director Tomas Maier has continuously integrated the weaving elements that represent Bottega Veneta's long history and low-key elegance into the design of the glasses series. Felis sunglasses are made of thin polarized mineral lenses in the world. The seven-inch barrel hinge device also makes them more stable and comfortable to wear, creating a modern, luxurious and attractive femininity. The accessories also keep improving. This product comes with a customized hand-woven leather mirror box and packaging box. DiorDior Dior 2016 summer DIORSPLIT sunglasses series, new interpretation of classics with geometric division. The round metal frame, set off by the ultra-thin arm, forms a strong visual impact with the round lens decorated with metal inlays, which perfectly echoes the striped elements of this season's fashion. The design inspiration of this series of glasses delicately blends feminine charm and sensitivity, purity and precision, power and impact, and gives a perfect interpretation. In addition, the DIORSPLIT series of sunglasses offers the following attractive color combinations to choose from: gold frames with silver reflective lenses, gold frames with pink reflective lenses, gold frames with silver-green lenses, silver metal frames with light blue Color reflective lens, silver metal frame with blue lens. Giardini ItalianiGiardini Italiani CAT EYE sunglasses: the frame is engraved with delicate geometric crystal flower patterns and enamel texture. The sexy and charming displayed by Bulgari women represent the charm of Italian women at different levels. The new advertising blockbuster shows the graceful and casual and confident attitude, and in the free artistic conception, it shows the unrestrained and elegant Italian style represented by Bulgari. Fashion sunglasses recommendation:    YC9713 universal sunglasses C3 tortoiseshell/tea    YC9702 ladies sunglasses C5 white frame purple legs/colorful purple lenses
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