Are blue glasses good?

u003cbru003eThe color of the spectacle lens is generally not related to the material of the lens, that is, the material of the spectacle lens does not determine the color of the lens. There are countless people who wear glasses in life, and the colors of the lenses that you have seen are also various, and the more common lens colors are yellow, blue, purple, gray, brown, brown, green, etc., lenses of different colors are against The effects of ultraviolet rays and radiation absorption are also different. The color on the spectacle lens has no direct relationship with the material of the lens. In order to better protect the eyes, a coating layer is added to the lens. There are many colors of the coating layer, which are added to the surface of the lens to make the lens have better light transmittance and better anti-ultraviolet, glare, and radiation effects, so there are various lenses with different colors. The so-called blue spectacle lens is a blue film added to the surface of the lens, so the color of the appearance emits a blue light under the sunlight. Compared with yellow lenses and brown lenses, blue spectacle lenses are not very effective in resisting ultraviolet rays, filtering glare, and reducing radiation. In other words, after the blue film treatment on the lens surface, although the ability to resist ultraviolet rays and glare is improved, the overall resistance percentage is less, which is not as good as yellow lenses and brown lenses. Therefore, people who wear blue spectacles have a slightly darker vision, and it is not recommended to wear them in daily life. This is why we usually use brown and gray sunglasses. Regardless of the color of spectacle lenses, they have beneficial effects on the eyes. For example, although blue spectacle lenses are less effective in resisting ultraviolet rays, glare, radiation, etc., blue lenses can combat visual fatigue, that is, can effectively relieve visual fatigue. Related Reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses
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