Are color changing glasses harmful to the eyes?

u003cbru003eThe big feature of color-changing glasses is that they can change with the changes of ultraviolet rays and temperature in the environment. They are colorless indoors and change color outdoors, thereby protecting our eyes. We all know that if the eyes are exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, it may be possible. It can cause eye diseases, and in severe cases, it can lead to diseases such as cataracts. These are the main causes of blindness in old age, so wearing a pair of color-changing glasses is a good way to resist. 1.61 Refractive index color lenses. Under normal circumstances, harmful light such as ultraviolet rays and glare are common in life. Therefore, we need a pair of frame glasses that can protect our eyes. It can prevent ultraviolet rays from entering human eyes, and can prevent glare, which is harmful to the eyes. Comprehensive protection, providing comfortable visual enjoyment for the eyes. This is the big advantage of color changing glasses. In general, people’s understanding of color-changing glasses is not deep enough, and people’s curious psychology has led to the high price of color-changing glasses in physical eyewear stores. Moreover, due to the large market demand, some fake and inferior color-changing glasses produced by some illegal businesses have flowed into The market, with fake and real, has led consumers to buy fake color-changing glasses. Counterfeit and inferior color-changing glasses will be harmful to the eyes. Therefore, you should choose a regular eyeglass shop and eyeglass mall to buy, this is the prerequisite for buying genuine glasses. Related reading: Color changing glasses
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