Are color changing glasses the same as sunglasses

u003cbru003eSimply put, the lens of the color-changing glasses will change color when exposed to the sun, so as to protect the eyes, and then they will become transparent again when they return to the room. This kind of glasses is very good for drivers, because when driving, the eyes are more susceptible to sunlight. If the glasses themselves change color, you can save the step of wearing sunglasses. So are color changing glasses and sunglasses the same? YC9710 Universal Sunglasses C1 Bright Black/Gray Sunglasses include many types of lenses. Color-changing lenses are one of the lens categories of sunglasses. Most of the sunglasses we often see use dyed lenses, that is, during the lens manufacturing process, some chemicals are added to make the lenses appear colorful to absorb light of specific wavelengths. There are also polarized lenses, painted lenses, etc., each of which has its unique advantages. The color-changing lens is made using the sensitivity of silver halide. In the sun, the color becomes darker and the lens becomes darker, which has a shading effect. But the color filter of good sunglasses is gradual, usually polarized lenses, which protect the eyes better, and it is impossible to have this effect simply by changing the color. So the shading effect alone is the same, but there are differences in visual effects. Related reading: Sunglasses color-changing spectacle lenses
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