Are military polarized sunglasses expensive?

u003cbru003eMilitary polarized sunglasses give people a higher-end, more professional, and cool feeling, so many people choose military polarized sunglasses to wear. But are military polarized sunglasses expensive? Below we take three genuine military polarized sunglasses as examples for reference only. 1. Migdas MIGDAZ air force pilot second-generation polarized sunglasses. The military polarized sunglasses are sold online for about 150 yuan. Frame color: gold, gun gray, and the lens adopts polarized lenses originally produced by POLAROID Polaroid; eliminate 99% of reflected light And scattered light, make the field of vision clearer and softer; block strong light, isolate 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, effectively protect eyes and vision; after special film strengthening treatment, the lens is resistant to wear and impact. Frame features: Flexible linear frame feet, which can be directly inserted and worn when wearing a helmet, which is very convenient (the words 'Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force' are engraved on the temples; professionally designed according to the characteristics of the oriental face, comfortable to wear, No pressure; combined with fashion and well-designed styles. Two: SHAWN LEE magnesium alloy sports men's polarized sunglasses. These military polarized sunglasses are sold online for 158 yuan. The style of SHAWN LEE glasses is elegant, simple and exquisite. The brand's glasses are good at using all kinds of glasses. Similar to the world's fashion trends, it is stylish and elegant. Many of its products are designed by French masters. Ray-Ban RB3025 polarized sunglasses with gold frame and dark green film. 3. Upgraded version of Simeiv tactical polarized Bluetooth music goggles. This military polarized sunglasses It is sold online for about 300 yuan. It belongs to the Bluetooth polarized glasses. It can be used in many fields. It can eliminate dazzling reflected light and scattered light, so that the eyes can see the scenery more clearly under strong light, and the eyes will not be hurt. The above three glasses are edited by Xiaobian. The answer about how much genuine military polarized sunglasses generally cost is for reference only. If you have a demand for genuine military polarized sunglasses, it is best to go to regular stores or shopping malls to buy. Related reading: Military Polarized Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses
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