Are ordinary sunglasses suitable for myopia sunglasses

u003cbru003eThe enthusiasm and restlessness of summer made Aimee, who had been dormant for a season, started to move around in her heart. Sunglasses, as a cool and shading decoration, ushered in its peak sales season. But myopic friends are particularly troubled at this time, although for a long time, we have no shortage of sunglasses solutions for myopic consumers. For example, invisible + sunglasses, sunglasses + dyed film, apart from the advantages and disadvantages of the invisible alternative, sunglasses are really good by changing a pair of dyed films with power as a solution? The answer is of course no, for the following reasons Points: 1. The ring shape of ordinary sunglasses is too large, which affects the visual effect. YC9705 General sunglasses. In order to maximize the beauty of conventional sunglasses, the ring shape is generally large, which can cover a large area of u200bu200bthe face. Generally, this kind of large circle lens is more suitable for the characteristics of the high nose bridge and thin face of Europeans and Americans, and it is in contradiction with the generally rounded face of Asians. At the same time, the base curve of the large ring lens is relatively large, and the matched dyed lens has a correspondingly large and thicker shape. Even if a certain degree of thinning treatment is done, there will be unsightly edge thinning platforms. It is very different from the original aesthetic requirements of consumers. 2. Insufficient loop wire bearing capacity, pursuing lightness and thinness has always been the design tenet of glasses. This is especially true for sunglasses, so the 'burden reduction' of each link is fully considered in the design, and loop silk is one of the objects that are extremely thin. As a pair of brand sunglasses that have been formed, the slender loop silk design is in line with ergonomics and wearing habits. 3. The groove shape and the lens can't fit perfectly with the conventional sunglasses. The groove shape of the conventional sunglasses is U groove, which is no problem for the flat lens, and the stability and firmness are very good. But when the lens is replaced with a power lens, there will be 'rejection' between the U groove and the lens. Even if it is reluctantly installed temporarily, it looks good at the time, but after daily picking and wearing, after the four seasons, the heat expands The phenomenon of cold shrinkage appeared. The lenses were originally fitted in the summer, but in the autumn and winter, the lenses suddenly fell off, and they could not be installed to the original level. This is not only a problem for consumers, but also a problem for retail stores. 4. There is no lock port, inconvenient to load and unload. In recent years, for aesthetic considerations, conventional sunglasses have basically eliminated the lock port design at the edge of the loop. The integrated loop wire does not have a trace of cumbersome design, and it is also a one-time use when installing flat lenses. Completed, without too much consideration for later lens disassembly and reassembly. Therefore, when it is necessary to do this in reality, there are certain difficulties and risks in disassembly and assembly, and this risk will become a long-term hidden danger. Myopia sunglasses-a professional solution provider for myopia sunglasses, born for myopia sunglasses, fully consider the wearing experience and demanding requirements of myopia consumers, and strive for perfection in style design, lens performance and assembly and use, which is very suitable for myopia friends. . The main advantages are as follows: 1. The circle shape is large but not too large. The perfect shape also retains the elements of the large circle shape. At the same time, it combines the characteristics of the Asian face to abandon the disadvantage of excessively large glasses and the face shape. Developed a variety of 'big but not too big' large-circle myopia sunglasses in the classic series. 3. Thicken the loop wire but not heavy, improve the disadvantage of conventional thin loop wire that is not strong, regardless of the cost, thicken the loop wire, and the front appearance is not reduced. The fine loop wire weight does not increase the pressure on the bridge of the nose, on the contrary Because it achieves the best fit with the power lens, there is no looseness and no exposure, so that the load-bearing capacity of the whole pair of glasses is both strong and even. 4. The V groove and UV groove perfectly match the V groove design of lens metal sunglasses, and the UV groove design of plate and TR sunglasses. The advantage is that through the edge grinding of the luminous lens, it can be matched with the V groove and UV groove closely to avoid long-term loosening. Avoid thermal expansion and contraction effects. 5. The locking port device can be arbitrarily loaded and unloaded with the optical lens. Due to the degree of power, the required ring shape size will be slightly different, and the locking port design can be opened by the device to reserve a part of the space between the lens and the groove. When the type is just on the card, the fine size can be adjusted flexibly to ensure tightness and not collapse. Related Reading: Sunglasses Myopia Sunglasses
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