Are the quality of Wiggle sunglasses good?

u003cbru003eWeigou sunglasses is a professional brand of polarized sunglasses, which is very cost-effective, so is its quality good? Xiaobian introduces to everyone. The frame material of the Weigu's polarized sunglasses is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy material for aviation. Its characteristics are: light weight, and there is no oppressive feeling when worn for a long time. High durability, very wear-resistant, and will not change color for a long time. Strong corrosion resistance, no damage when immersed in sweat and other liquids. High strength, no damage if dropped accidentally. At the same time, it uses anodizing treatment, does not contain any harmful substances, has no skin allergies, and is more acid and alkali resistant. The surface has been brushed to make it more shiny. Or it is frosted to make the surface brighter. This kind of frame is very suitable for people who wear it for a long time. Let's talk about the polarization technology used in the Weigu's polarized sunglasses lens. The lens adopts Polaroid polarized lens with 7-layer lens composite. They are to add a hard protective film to enhance the hardness of the lens, wear resistance and scratch resistance. TAC, impact resistance, good flexibility, not easy to break. UV400TAC lens filters out 100% ultraviolet rays. PVA polarizing film, 100% filter out glare. YC9702 Universal Sunglasses C1 Black Frame, White Legs/Colorful Silver Lenses, enthusiastic netizens said: “The quality can be said to be the best among mid-to-high-end brands. It can shield the reflective glare that can easily cause fatigue in the glasses. It is also light in weight and has high hardness. It looks almost like without glasses. When I first wore it, I always told my colleagues to look for glasses, but they were actually worn on my nose. Don’t look at the thin lenses, which are made of 7 layers of material. My colleague accidentally touched it. Twice on the ground, intact. Really, I will buy a Vigul's driving glasses in the future, really, very good.' Related reading: Polarized myopic sunglasses, polarized sunglasses
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