Baosheng brand sunglasses introduction

u003cbru003eXiamen Quansheng Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 and passed the ISO9001 international quality management certification. Headquartered in Xiamen, a beautiful harbor city in China, it is one of China's comprehensive sunglasses production enterprises, including high-end sunglasses and high-end products Sports glasses, fishing glasses, high-end metal frames, high-end plate frames and various lenses. It owns two international brands targeting different consumer groups, namely the fashionable 'PROSUN Polarized Sunglasses' and the luxurious 'SUNMODE Saint Modern Fashion Sunglasses'. For many years, it has been centered on the domestic (China) and exported to Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia and other regions and countries, and is deeply loved by consumers from all over the world. The firm business philosophy and tireless pursuit have prompted its Prosun Polarized Sunglasses to become the exclusive products of the Chinese Antarctic and Arctic expeditions due to its excellent product quality. Adhering to the product concept of 'fashion technology' and pursuing more sophisticated eyewear products, Prosun Polarized Sunglasses are widely recognized by all walks of life for their professional and excellent quality. Baosheng brand sunglasses have the following series: the wisdom of the elegant series of pens, the taste of tie clips, the passion of sports cars, the speed of lightning, the unruly denim, classic and fashionable design elements, creating a variety of exquisite and elegant styles for modern high-quality men Sunglasses. Resolute lines, calm tones, low-key contains an inner passion. The simple but not simple design highlights the unique philosophy of modern high-quality life. The celebrity series blooms quietly like a lily and dances like a butterfly. I love the precariousness and elegance of this season. The moment after the encounter in the city, the fall is colorful. Youth shines like a pearl, and you are not the only one who is lost. The color changing series intelligently changes the color depth of the lens, the transparent design of geometric lines and the comfortable visual experience, let you enjoy this summer to the fullest. The gentle sunshine, the gradual cool breeze, the jumping waves, the soul seems to sing along. With the concept of breaking through the limits of science and technology, the NXP series adopts aerospace top carbon fiber material and exclusive patented style technology to escort outdoor travelers all the way. The tough design style, exquisite manufacturing process, and perfect visual effects have achieved the pinnacle of technology. In the dynamic series, when the tough architectural lines meet the polarized lenses, when the muscle strength is perfectly combined with the cold metal, the burst is not only explosive, but also shocking. Give yourself a different way of life and evoke the movement cells in your body. This summer, we must get rid of the shadows and chase the sunshine. The children's series is dedicated to research and strives for perfection, just for better protection, using imported non-toxic elastic materials, high-tech non-toxic spray paint technology. The design uses playful and cute animal images, dexterous and cool shapes, such as a pure and bright smile that blooms silently, restoring a child's fun summer hanging mirror series specially designed for nearsighted and reading glasses wearers, with good polarizing effect, The convenient clip design is ergonomic, simple and beautiful, stylish decorations, and practical sunglasses. With high-quality manufacturing requirements and diversified styles, PROSUN polarized glasses will always be at the forefront of the world's popular trends. They are the finest products among high-end sunglasses. Discover the unique charm of men from fountain pens and motorcycles. Elegance and fortitude go hand in hand, the exclusive charm of elegance. Be a different celebrity, go to the forests of Africa to find your heart-wrenching self, where gentleness and wildness coexist. Just like a paintbrush, it is unchanging and responds to ever-changing changes. The sun is so readily available, only the protection of color changes and polarized light. Extremely natural workmanship, top aerospace materials, patented colorful technology, PC polarized sunglasses achieve the peak state. Let the architectural lines no longer be cold, the passion of sports can also be triggered at once, and dance with dynamic and happy. The Baosheng Children's Mirror is accompanied all the way, and the sunlight is as crystal clear as a smile, and there is sound. The portable design, polarized vision, and the sage clip-on mirror will make you no longer walk alone.
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