Be cautious when buying sunglasses, poor quality sunglasses hurt your eyes

u003cbru003eThe role of sunglasses is to provide radiation protection for the eyes. Nowadays, they are more fashionable. Many fashion people take the decorative effect of sunglasses more seriously. They think that sunglasses can protect the eyes anyway, so it is always right to wear them. But did you know that if the sunglasses are unqualified, it will hurt your eyes more than not wearing them! So what kind of sunglasses are qualified? After wearing sunglasses, because part of the sunlight is filtered out, you don’t need to squint your eyes all the time. But at the same time the pupils will be dilated. At this time, if the sunglasses are unqualified, the large amount of ultraviolet rays that cannot be filtered out will directly enter the eyes multiple times, damaging the cornea, retina and lens of the eye, greatly increasing the chance of suffering from 'cataracts'. Therefore, sunglasses cannot be worn casually, and unqualified sunglasses can also cause some damage to the eyes. 1. The object is distorted and distorted, causing confusion. 2. The appearance of dizziness, headache, nausea, and insomnia. 3. Consume vision and cause eye fatigue. 4. Unable to filter harmful light, causing damage to the eyes. At present, the quality of sunglasses sold on the market is uneven. What kind of sunglasses are qualified? Recommend sunglasses YC9006jho wine red. 1. It can filter out more than 90% of harmful light. 2. The lens must have a sufficient area to prevent the light source penetrating the side of the frame. 3. There must be accurate optical lenses, and the scene cannot be distorted when passing through the lenses. 4. The face-to-color ratio between the two lenses must be uniform, and the error should not exceed 5%. 5. The texture should be good, light, comfortable and ergonomic to wear. 6. Impact resistant and not easy to break. 7. There must be no prism effect, otherwise there will be dizziness. 8. With face modification function. A pair of qualified sunglasses may vary greatly in price due to differences in brand, material, packaging, style, color, and publicity. There are also sunglasses for 20 to 30 yuan, but the quality is often not guaranteed. Therefore, it is recommended that you go to a well-known optical shop or online optical shop to buy, at least in terms of quality inspection, health inspection, etc. can get a better guarantee.
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