Beware of bad-quality sunglasses that hurt your eyes

u003cbru003eAs the weather picks up, the sales of sunglasses on the market are gradually heating up. Many clothing stores, jewelry stores and even farmers' markets have also sold sunglasses, and the prices are very cheap, many are around 20 yuan. However, some consumers report that they feel dizzy and astringent after wearing such sunglasses. In fact, some low-cost glasses are made of plastic or resin scraps, and the cost price is only 1 yuan. Optometrists in the eyeglasses department reminded that sunglasses without UV protection can damage the eyes, so it is better not to wear them. Wearing 20 yuan glasses and getting dizzy, Adidas, Cadillac, Ray-Ban... Yesterday afternoon, a variety of 'top brand' sunglasses at the Taitung Night Market attracted many citizens to buy. 'I am hardened sunglasses, which not only protect against ultraviolet rays, but also prevent scratches.' The owner took out a sunglasses called Adidas and urged reporters to try them on. 'Our styles are all very fashionable, and the price is only 19 yuan. If the glasses are genuine, they will sell for thousands of dollars in specialty stores. In fact, they are all the same, so I might as well buy these glasses. 'The reporter tried them on and felt that the frames were rather rigid and inflexible. Zhang Lifen, a citizen who lives nearby, told reporters: 'I also bought a pair of sunglasses in the night market before, and the price was very cheap, only 20 yuan, but I don’t know why I always feel dizzy when I wear them. I don’t dare to go out wearing them now.' I found that in addition to optical shops, many clothing stores, jewelry stores and even farmers' markets have also bought sunglasses, and the prices are very cheap, many are around 20 yuan, and some do not even have a tag. Facing reporters’ questions, most shopkeepers replied: “As long as they look good, they can be replaced when they are uncomfortable.” Too cheap glasses may be scraps. “Sunglasses are mainly anti-ultraviolet. Some low-priced sunglasses on the street may not be available. Anti-ultraviolet function.' Liu Bing, assistant general manager of Zhongshan Road Hengdeli Co., Ltd., introduced that whether sunglasses can be protected from ultraviolet rays can be known by a professional anti-ultraviolet tester. Some citizens once bought cheap sunglasses at street stalls. When I went to the optical shop, I found that it couldn't protect against ultraviolet rays. The person in charge of a large glasses city in Taitung told reporters that the lenses used in some stalls are not made of resin materials by one-time stamping, but some waste materials such as recycled materials and recycled materials, and even plastics, which are not only non-UV resistant. , And crushed as soon as possible, so the price will be very low. 'Some sunglasses have dizziness because the lenses are too thin.' Glasses remind consumers that the thickness of sunglasses should be 1.4 mm or more, otherwise the mirror surface will be uneven, just like looking at something through a prism, it will cause dizziness and other discomfort. . The raw materials of these lenses come from scraps of plastic or resin, coupled with the rough process, it is difficult to produce qualified glasses. The low purchase price of 20 yuan sunglasses is only 1 yuan. 'Sunglasses priced at 20 yuan seem to be very cheap, but the cost is lower.' The person in charge of this glasses city revealed that many of the sunglasses currently sold by street stalls and hawkers do not have a tag license. Although some have tags, most of them are fake and inferior products or plastic lenses, with rough craftsmanship. The purchase price of such sunglasses is only four or five yuan, and some even only 1 yuan. The glasses remind that the lenses of some sunglasses are not flattened. After consumers wear them, they will see unclear objects, deform objects, and cause visual fatigue. Over time, it will not only affect the vision of the eyes, but may also cause vision loss and blurred vision.
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