Beware that cheap sunglasses hurt your eyes

u003cbru003eSummer is the golden season for solar sales. As the temperature continues to rise, many clothing stores, jewelry stores and even farmers’ markets have successively sold sunglasses. There are various styles and varieties of sunglasses, and the price of glasses is very cheap. However, consumers are eager to buy such sunglasses cheaply, and after wearing them, symptoms such as dizziness, tearing, and astringent eyes appear. Glasses remind everyone that most of the sunglasses sold by street stalls and hawkers are fake and inferior products or are made of plastic lenses, and the craftsmanship is rough, and even some sunglasses have lenses that are not polished. After consumers wear them, they will not only look Unclear objects, deformed objects, and cause asthenopia, etc., over time will affect the vision of the eyes, resulting in decreased vision and blurred vision. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy sunglasses at a regular shopping mall, see the signs, and do not buy fake and shoddy glasses for cheap to avoid damage to the glasses. u003cbru003eWearing sunglasses in winter, playing cool is so capricious u003cbru003e u003cbru003eThe colder and colder days remind you to wear long trousers and keep telling you that winter is here! Maybe you have put sunglasses in your closet together with summer clothes, but, If you want a concave shape in winter, then you really have to keep your sunglasses on! Come and see how various celebrities perform sunglasses to the end! Many times I think, what is the meaning of glasses? It is because of myopia, I have to correct my vision as a last resort? Is it a weapon for pretending to be gentle and calm? Is it a shading and cool outfit? Or a necessary small object to be able to find a sense of security... For whatever reason, because now even if there is no problem with the glasses, it must be Glasses don’t leave your body! In fact, although there is no sun as big as summer in winter, ultraviolet rays are also present. Therefore, whether it is summer or winter, it is necessary to wear sunglasses. Outdoor sports wear sunglasses to give your eyes an extra layer of protection . u003cbru003e
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