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Blue Light Block Lens--Description

Blue Light Block Lens--Description


1. Blue Light Block Lens is one kind of lens that can prevent blue light from irritating eyes. Specific anti-blue lens can effectively cut off ultraviolet ,radiation and harmful blue lightsuit for watching computer, mobile and TV. Blue light is part of natural visible light emitted by sunlight and electronic screens. There is no pure white light in the nature. Blue light, as an important part of visible lights, when they mix with green and red light, white light forms. With less energy, green and red light are less harmful to eyes. Conversely, with short wave, high energy, blue light can penetrate crystalline lens to the eyes macular area directly which leads to maculopathy.

2. In the early 1966, Nell et al. found that blue light exposure can cause damage to retinal ceils, leading to vision decline or even loss.  Particularly wave between 420-450nm is the most harmful to the retina.


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