Can ski goggles do myopia?

u003cbru003eWhen it snows in winter, many friends who like skiing are very happy. Bringing a set of ski equipment and feeling the snowy world is very refreshing. But it seems that skiing gives people the gospel for people who are not nearsighted. So the people with myopia, especially those with high myopia, can they enjoy the fun of skiing in winter? The editor is very happy to tell everyone that nowadays people with myopia can also wear ski goggles. At present, this kind of ski goggles has begun to appear on the market, that is, there is a small transparent plastic frame without temples inside the ski goggles. This frame can be removed or stuck in the ski goggles. This small transparent frame without temples can be fitted with myopia lenses. No matter how many degrees of myopia, the current processing technology can do it. The myopia lens is polished like the full-frame glasses we usually use, and then the installed lens and frame are snapped into the ski goggles.
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