Cat-eye sunglasses fascinating

u003cbru003eWhen it comes to the style of sunglasses, I think that if the handsome MAN is a toad mirror, then the sexy and charming ones are cat-eye sunglasses. Cats have always been synonymous with small Iraqis and cuteness, so the term cat-eye sunglasses is not for nothing. Wearing them, the feminine beauty comes from the inside and is charming. The classic cat-eye sunglasses, Miranda Kerr, a supermodel and hot mom, has a great figure. You can't go wrong with exquisite clothing and any style of sunglasses. Miranda's face is a square face with a wider forehead. This face shape is more suitable for square cat-eye sunglasses. The large lenses match the lines of the cheeks better. Miranda's baby fat is also gone in an instant. Cute flower-decorated cat-eye sunglasses. Of course, young girls in the season must have a girlish style. These sunglasses are not only retro cat-eye styles, but also add more careful thinking. Above the frame inlaid with small florals, the cat-eye shape of the glasses is more present. The reflective lenses can make you a little girl in a second. Contrasting color cat-eye sunglasses exquisite clothing with color-contrasting cat-eye sunglasses, the hair accessories on the head are elegant and beautiful, and the colors of the clothing and accessories are matched in this way. This is simply a perfect match. The navy blue hollow lace dress is matched with a pair of sunglasses with blue and white frames. After the lens line is elongated, the cheeks are more three-dimensional and saturated, and the beautiful long hair is even more right. After watching so many, hurry up to learn from these celebrities and put on a cat-eye sunglasses that belongs to you~ The above is the editor and editor. For more glasses knowledge, please check it out. u003cbru003e
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