Children’s sunglasses have 'city' but no 'field'

u003cbru003eThere is such a phenomenon, I believe everyone has already discovered that on the street, a fashionable mother is pulling a three or four-year-old girl, both of them have sunglasses on their noses, but the quality of these two pairs of sunglasses is the same. It's different, the mother's workmanship is excellent, and the child's look is a 'toy'. Is that the mother deliberately buying inferior sunglasses for the child? No, but there are too few sunglasses made specifically for children on the market. In the provincial clothing city, there are many businesses selling children's sunglasses, but most of them are operated by stalls. 'Now that the sun is so exposed, adults can't stand it, let alone children.' said Ms. Wang, who is shopping for sunglasses for her children at a stall. She said that since many professional optical shops do not sell sunglasses designed for children, there is no other way to buy them at these stalls. In the eyewear wholesale markets in provincial cities, most of the children’s eyeglasses sold in cartoons, fancy, colorful, etc. attract consumers’ attention. There are also many special-shaped sunglasses that win the eye of the unconventional, and the price is relatively cheap, as many as ten yuan, and as few as A few dollars. 'I always feel uncomfortable wearing things for a few yuan for my children, but I don't have any if I want to buy them.' Ms. Citizen Yao had trouble buying sunglasses for her daughter. She said that adult glasses can be bought in professional eyeglass shops, but children's glasses are not. “Children’s sunglasses are very light to hold, and the quality is not guaranteed.” It is understood that there are many children’s sunglasses on the market. The quality is not reliable. Wearing unqualified sunglasses for children not only can not block the penetration of ultraviolet rays, but will make the pupils larger. Wearing them for a long time will cause solar keratitis, corneal endothelial damage, and macular degeneration of the fundus. Glasses reminder: Parents should try not to wear sunglasses for children under 6 unless the doctor requires them to wear sunglasses after examinations such as dilated eyes.
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