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Four seasons cycle, spring is gloomy, and summer will follow. At this time, polarized sunglasses also become popular. When people go out for a walk or go out in the hot summer, a pair of polarized sunglasses has also become an indispensable item. At the same time, there is also a problem. There are many colors in sunglasses, which can be described as colorful. Don't underestimate these colors. Don't mistakenly think that colors are just for beauty. In fact, different colors have different functions. Let's share the colors below. Function:    gray spectacle lenses: can absorb any color spectrum evenly, so the scene will only become darker, but there will be no obvious color difference, showing a real and natural feeling, belonging to the neutral color system.   Blue and gray spectacle lenses: similar to gray spectacle lenses, they belong to neutral lenses, but the color is darker and the visible light absorption rate is higher.   Brown spectacle lenses: filter out a large amount of blue light, which can improve visual contrast and clarity. It is better to wear under severe air pollution or foggy conditions.  Green eyeglasses: while absorbing light, it can greatly increase the green light reaching the eyes, so it has a cool and comfortable feeling, suitable for people who are prone to eye fatigue.   Mercury spectacle lens: The lens surface adopts a high-density mirror coating. Such spectacle lenses can absorb and reflect more visible light, and are suitable for outdoor sports people.  Yellow eyeglass lenses: Strictly speaking, this type of lens is not a sunglasses lens because it hardly reduces visible light, but in foggy and twilight hours, yellow lenses can increase the contrast and provide more accurate vision. Therefore, yellow glasses are also called night vision goggles, and many young people wear yellow sunglasses as outdoor sports decorations.   Light blue and light pink glasses: Light blue and light pink sunglasses are also more decorative than practical lenses.  The shade of the spectacle lens only affects the visible light absorption performance, and has nothing to do with the ability to resist ultraviolet rays, because ultraviolet rays are invisible light. On the contrary, anti-ultraviolet radiation protection glasses are more dependent on the material of the spectacle lens rather than the shade of the color. Some resin lenses are colorless and transparent, but still 100% UV resistant.   Also, don’t be greedy for cheap, you must go to a regular eyeglass shop to buy glasses, the quality can be guaranteed, and the after-sales service is also more thoughtful, so as to better protect your eyes and avoid UV damage.
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