Choose sunglasses, the details of the temples determine your success or failure

u003cbru003eThe details of the temples determine your success or failure. The details of the temples YC9711 Men's Sunglasses C1 black/colorful red glasses are different in size, the width of the temples, and the color of the details also determine the beauty and ugliness you wear. In addition to facing yourself, don't ignore the side. That is a big stage to show the details and taste of glasses. Romantic glasses Do you have a round body and discharge eyes? Like Marilyn Monroe, sexy and gorgeous is your sign, then you are very suitable to wear these romantic glasses. Especially after the age is already a light mature woman, with gorgeous curly hair, let's interpret the taste of a calm woman. Masculine Ray-Ban RB3532 Men’s Sunglasses 001/68 Gold broad temples and straight silhouettes are full of masculinity for women, so you must be a man of style and drama to control it. Many dramatic girls in life do not play to their advantage, instead they pretend to be cute and stingy. If you have the only temperament of Mao Amin or Wei, then you can choose glasses with thick temples, which will bloom your beauty. Gorgeous and finely crafted Ray-Ban RB4125F Men's Sunglasses 901 black Some atmospheric glasses do not look very gorgeous and finely crafted. They are relatively thick and simple. They are very suitable for natural people who want to be casual and chic. Are you a girl who is good at sports and who wears sportswear to be very brilliant? Then try the glasses that feel like in the picture. Elegant and subtle details Elegant and subtle details are suitable for you who are delicate and feminine. You can't hold it with big glasses, and you can't control it if you are too fashionable. You might as well try some of the pictures in the picture. The restrained and elegant glasses can just highlight your unique feminine taste. Faced with the rows of glasses in the optical shop, you will be dazzled and lost, but as long as you know the two major aspects of color and style you need, you can deal with it freely. Related Reading: Sunglasses and Sunglasses
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