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u003cbru003eThe temperature is rising and the sun is getting stronger and stronger. Many people are buying sunglasses. Many businesses use this to publicize the functions of sunglasses. Many customers flock to them. There are many styles and prices. People buy. It is understood that there is a popular opinion among customers about the purchase of sunglasses, 'Now the sun is very strong and it is very dazzling when going out, so come to buy some sunscreen equipment, basically all colors of sunglasses can protect against ultraviolet rays, so we prefer some green , Red and other sunglasses that are cool to wear.” In fact, this view is wrong. Sunglasses have the function of protecting against ultraviolet rays and blocking glare, but it is not that colored glasses are sunglasses. There are many inferior colored glasses on the market that do not have sunglasses at all. Function, on the contrary, it will damage the eyes. How to check the quality of sunglasses? There are some simple methods. You can hold sunglasses against the light to see if there are bubbles or defects in the lens. If it shows that the quality of the lens is unqualified, you can also hold the sunglasses and observe the object through the lens. It shows that the quality of the sunglasses is not good enough. At the same time, experts remind that sunglasses are not suitable for everyone. Some citizens with eye diseases such as glaucoma and omentitis should not wear sunglasses, and some children should not wear sunglasses for a long time because their visual function has not developed to a normal level. So you can’t buy sunglasses casually. Go to a regular optical shop and choose good quality products. Protecting your eyes is the top priority.
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