Choose the right sunglasses to make you more beautiful in summer

u003cbru003eIn the hot summer, many girls will choose a pair of sunglasses. It can not only prevent the sun from being too dazzling, but also add icing on the cake to your own fashion style. Today, I will take everyone to learn how to choose suitable sunglasses according to your face shape. Recommended reading: Three personal sunglasses for taking photos 1. Inverted triangle face and diamond face: Recommended soft color frame. Although this face looks a bit like a superstar face, in life, this face still has a certain sense of distance. Because their chins are sharper than other facial shapes, when choosing sunglasses, try not to choose those with too hard lines, or the too hard lines will make your face more distant. You can also choose some sunglasses with floral decorations to soften the beauty of the lines on your face, and the shape of the sunglasses frame can be those with a round shape with a wide top and a narrow bottom, which can weaken the sharpness of your chin. 2. Triangular face: Wearing a light-colored frame, the triangular face is very similar to our conscious square face. The outline of the cheek position on the face is more obvious, and the forehead does not look so wide, narrower than normal , The face shape is also short. So the girl with this face can choose some sunglasses styles that gradually change from top to bottom. It is best to choose the one with one color on the top of the frame, and then the visually lighter color below, so that it can not only modify your facial lines. , You can also lengthen your face shape, but for the triangular face shape, you must not choose those whose frame color is too dark or too fancy, otherwise your facial lines will be more obvious. 3. Round face: suitable for girls with upturned round faces with cat eyes. Because there are more fleshy faces on the face, the chin looks shorter, and the face is also in the short range and looks cute, then this This face shape is most suitable for wearing cat-eye sunglasses. Because wearing cat-eye sunglasses will make the lines on your face look higher. In addition to cat-eye sunglasses, you can also choose some with higher temples. These types can well modify your Face shape. 4. Pear-shaped face: The biggest feature of a pear-shaped face with a wide gradient frame is that the cheekbones on the face are narrow, the temples seem to be recessed, and the cheeks have a lot of flesh. But the cheekbones are high, so the flesh on the face is generally invisible. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses, it’s best to choose gradient sunglasses with a wider frame and wider temples. This can modify the curvaceous shape of your face, and this style of sunglasses can just help you block the sunken temples. Oh, it’s a standard face with melon seeds. 5. Square face: don’t match the frame with the frame too narrow or thin. It is recommended not to choose those sunglasses that are too round, which will make your facial features more obvious, but don’t choose too wide or too square. It will highlight the defects of the facial lines. It is best to choose the big ones. The angle of the sunglasses is a bit rounded, so that the effect of wearing them is also very good, and this type of sunglasses will also lengthen your face and look Facial lines will be much softer. 6. Goose-shaped face: with oval frame, this kind of face is very versatile no matter what shape you wear, so you can safely choose some of the most popular and fashionable style sunglasses to match together, but if If you want to show the advantages of your standard oval face, you can choose oval frame sunglasses, which will highlight the beauty of your oval face.
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