Choosing sunglasses for children is not the darker the lens, the more UV-resistant

u003cbru003eJuly and August are at the peak of summer travel. Parents often take their children out on vacation to hike and watch the sea. Children like to wear a pair of sunglasses when they go out, which can block the sun from absorbing ultraviolet rays, and also look cool, and the photos are very 'photogenic'. Is it true that the darker the sunglasses lens color, the stronger the ability to absorb ultraviolet light? YC9705 Universal sunglasses C7 white/colorful purple lens color shade only affects the visible light absorption performance, has nothing to do with the ability to resist ultraviolet rays, because ultraviolet rays are invisible light, and have the ability to resist ultraviolet rays. It depends on the lens material, not the shade. Even colorless optical lenses can absorb ultraviolet rays. Ray-Ban RB3532 Men's Sunglasses 001/68 Gold Considering the spectroscopy and sun-shading function of sunglasses, the color of the sunglasses lenses is light gray or light smoke as the best, followed by dark green and amber (brown)). Because different colored lenses have different functions. Ray-Ban RB4125F Men's Sunglasses 901 Black What kind of sunglasses are ideal? Can filter out 96% of ultraviolet rays; the color of the left and right lenses is even, the difference is within 5%; the scenery through the lens is not distorted; it is light and comfortable to wear; It is not easy to break; the frame is tightly and comfortably placed on the bridge of the nose and ears, and the eyelashes do not touch the lens; even if the frame is slightly bent, the lens will not fall off. Only when the above requirements are met, a suitable pair of sunglasses is considered. Children under the age of three should avoid direct stimulation of strong sunlight because their visual function has not yet completed; school-age children should not wear sunglasses too dark, and should not wear them for a long time, so as not to affect the adjustment of visual function. Related reading: Sunglasses Brand Sunglasses
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