Classification of sunglasses lenses

u003cbru003eThe types of sunglasses lenses are roughly divided into five types: anti-reflective protective lenses, colored lenses, painted lenses, polarized lenses and color-changing lenses. YC9707 Women's Sunglasses C8 Tortoiseshell/Colorful Yellow 1. Anti-reflective protective lens: This kind of lens is coated with a thin layer of magnesium fluoride on the surface to prevent the reflection of strong light, allowing you to see things more clearly and without glare interference. To check whether your glasses really use anti-reflective protective lenses, you can point the glasses at the light source. If you see purple or green reflections, it means that the lenses are indeed coated with anti-reflective protective film. 2. Colored lenses: also known as 'dyeing filmsThis is the type of lens commonly used in sunglasses. 3. Painted lens: This kind of lens presents the same effect as the colored lens, only the way of making it is different, it is to paint the color on the surface of the lens, it is well known as the 'gradient colored lensThe top is deep, and then it gets lighter down. Generally, sunglasses with prescriptions are mostly painted with lenses. 4. Polarized lenses: In order to filter the dazzling rays of the sun shining on water, land or snow in equal directions, a special vertical coating is added to the lenses, which is called polarized lenses. Suitable for outdoor sports (for example: marine activities, skiing or fishing). 5. Color-changing lens: It is also called 'photosensitive lens'. Because silver halide chemicals are added to the lens, the originally transparent and colorless lens will turn into a colored lens when exposed to strong light for protection, so it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Related Reading: Sunglasses and Sunglasses
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