Cool 3D printed stretch sunglasses

u003cbru003e3D printing is very popular in the maker movement because the technology allows any individual with a creative spark to create something completely new from scratch. For makers, they like to stay in the makerspace with like-minded people. Sometimes, there are people, such as contributors to the social news site Reddit, who just put ideas, designs, and 3D printed things on Reddit to see what happens. Yousif Ashoor is one of them. He decided to make a pair of sunglasses that could move back and forth between the eyes based on the presence or absence of a certain amount of ultraviolet light. Yousif Ashoor was influenced by a preview trailer from the popular video game series Deus Ex. He said: 'After seeing some trailers of Deus Ex, I plan to create these glasses. I think it is necessary to use my 3D printing and design, adding something that looks exactly like Adam Jenson. Yousif collected a lot on Reddit. Valuable information. Although many reddit reviews question this aesthetic, they are also afraid that the automatic shadow slice is so close to the eye. Yousif used a Zortax M200 3D printer and an improved Solidoodle 3D printing part (free of charge by Thingiverse). But for The specific details of the sensors and working electronic components have not been shared. Yousif mentioned the Arduino Nano and some basic lithium batteries and other components. Yousif said that you can get some guidance on bionic sunglasses through YouTube technical contributor Ben Heck. Currently. , Do you really need self-retracting sunglasses in the world? The answer is uncertain. But their functions are faster and more scientific than sunglasses based on chemical reactions. Yousif sunglasses may be launched on Kickstarter. We are very Looking forward to it. The article comes from China Optical Net. We are committed to promoting authority and expertise. If it affects original rights, please contact the editor and we will delete it as soon as possible. Email: Related reading: Sunglasses and sunglasses brand
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