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by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-04-12
u003cbru003eNowadays, the trend of the society has a new definition. It's not that what everyone likes is the popular culture. Too popular is not a good thing. I still remember the happy male voice of 13 years. Zuo Li took a ballad 'Miss Dong' into the battle lightly. I don't know how many people sang it. However, it exploded all at once, and 'Miss Dong' seemed to become less pure. Up. Therefore, niche culture is not that it will not be popular, but it is an opportunity. Today, the editor will lead you to appreciate those high-quality glasses brands. COPPEu0026SID Italy is a country with a strong cultural heritage, and its capital, Rome, is a paradise for art. COPPE u0026 SID, a fashion eyewear brand from Italy, was born in such a capital of art and fully embodies the international soul of cities. The glasses series published for the first time quoted popular elements from all over the world. Their design concepts come from different countries they have visited. They believe that each pair of frames represents the soul of a city, and hopes to reflect different cities through unique eyewear designs. Cultural connotation. VIKTOR u0026 ROLF believes that many fashion lovers will not be unfamiliar with this brand. This brand was founded by designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren. Their brand is characterized by boldness, and continues to bring creativity and subversion of tradition as wonderful as works of art. Single product, leading the global fashion trend. VIKTOR u0026 ROLF's glasses are just like their clothing, and the design style is as bold and trendy as ever. Breaking the existing design thinking, through exploring the possibility of color and material, with contemporary simple frame curve, the color is also very particular, finally showing a classic and fashionable charm. After the editor recommends a few glasses for everyone, they are relatively high-quality, cheap and good-quality products, you may wish to consider when buying glasses~ FB0031 Unisex glasses frame C01 bright black new product FB0016C1 black tungsten carbon full frame Large size glasses frame related reading: Seiko glasses Ports glasses
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