Detection index of sunglasses: vertex power deviation and prism power

u003cbru003eThe main indicators of sunglasses detection are: the optical performance of the lens, the performance of the frame, the assembly and shaping requirements, the transmission characteristics (including the light transmittance, the average transmittance in the ultraviolet spectrum, the projection ratio of the traffic signal identification, such as color Limit), resistance to mechanical impact, etc. The key indicators are vertex power deviation, prism power, light transmittance, ultraviolet average transmittance (ultraviolet spectral region) and traffic signal transmittance. This article mainly introduces the vertex power deviation and prism power. 1. Sunglasses with vertex deviation generally refer to non-power flat sunglasses with the same optical density. The nominal vertex value of sunglasses should be 0.00D. The vertex tolerance of flat lenses is given in GB10810, that is, spherical lens ≤± 0.08D, cylindrical lens ≤±0.06D, that is to say, the residual value of the vertex power of sunglasses cannot be greater than the above-mentioned value. Of course, the smaller the vertex power, the better, 0.00D is better. Deviations in lens manufacturing or inconsistencies in the assembly of the lens and the frame may result in a deviation of vertex power (that is, with positive or negative vertex power). If it exceeds a certain range, the wearer may feel the object Deformation, severely will affect the wearer's vision health. It is prone to visual fatigue, decreased vision, and unnecessary damage to the eyes. 2. The prism of prism sunglasses should also be 0.00△. If the lens has a prism, it will shift the focus of the vision. If it exceeds the standard allowable range, the vision of the two eyes may not be unified, or the height may be different. Balance aggravates the disordered adjustment of the wearer’s extraocular muscles and optic nerves, and in severe cases can lead to neuroregulation disorders, causing the wearer to feel deformed, uncomfortable, fatigued, or have serious consequences such as strabismus. The prism of sunglasses should be ≤0.25△, and the lens with zero prism is better.
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