Do men wear watches and glasses in the same nature?

by:Timeless Eyeglasses     2021-04-23
u003cbru003eWristwatches are undoubtedly a high-quality product for men, a symbol of status and taste, so what about glasses? Are men wearing watches and glasses in the same nature? Before men wearing glasses meant silly, frustrated, and dull, today Men wearing glasses also imply cuteness, richness, and handsome! Why do men wear watches? First of all, attitude. Wearing a watch alone usually means a strong sense of time and a rigorous style. People who don’t wear a watch, or ask others about the time frequently, this often shows that the person’s time concept is not strong, and watching the time with a watch shows respect for customers. To be more practical, successful people need to seize the opportunity, value their own time, and need to compete at all times. While the watch is close to you, bending the wrist to see the time is the normal and elegant posture. Time is a contract agreed upon by both parties, punctuality represents honesty, and it quickly conveys this quality of yours between strangers. Second is the rare good taste. In different occasions such as business, sports, leisure, social and workplace, what style and brand of watches to wear, there are different exquisites. The “take-all” dressing behavior of a watch on all occasions does not work. Yes, that is a performance without taste. A truly tasteful person will wear different watches on different occasions, because it not only shows the wealth and status of the owner, but also shows the unique taste of the owner. Later he expressed a kind of self-confidence. Why do men wear watches? It is a kind of self-confidence. A person who wears a watch and a person who does not wear a watch are two people of completely different identities. The person who wears a watch pays attention to time. Wearing a watch is also a symbol of a man’s maturity. It will make the other person feel that you are rigorous and confident. Let the other party trust you more, just look at the wrists of the heads of state. Seiko H1061c2 silver counter genuine medium size half frame men’s pure titanium business glasses for myopia. Why do the same men wear glasses? Glasses are for men, and they are becoming another great brand besides watches, shoes, shirts, ties, rings, belts, and lighters. Identity label with connotation of imagination. First is art! A man wearing glasses makes you think that he can read books and watch movies, he can travel and raise cats, he can drink coffee and be silent, and you seem to be able to do it from his glasses. Imagine the world behind him, that world is what you want, that man is what you want, because his glasses are what makes you imagine, and literature and art cause trouble. The second is the class! The details that reveal the identity are all details. If he wears a pair of PRADA glasses, then he may be a sophisticated and chic, cunning and humane family; if he wears a ZEGNA, then he It may be a high-end executive of a foreign company with a lot of income, a sense of harmony, and a gentle and unruly foreign company. Details are the label that everyone can't escape. Later, it is sexy and fashionable! Just like female fans say that old cats wear glasses sexy, glasses make many men beating. Those with gentle appearance can be wild because of their shape, and those with rough appearance can be converged by the frame, let go, and let go. ; Take it, you can take it back. The sexy that glasses bring to men is a mixed entanglement of desire intertwined with tolerance, intertwined with the outside. Because such glasses will make you feel that he is very literary, position his class, and fascinated by his sexy. He can give you countless imaginations because of the glasses, and every kind of imagination is a metaphor of glasses. When the label is fixed, some people are enjoying the label, and some people are breaking the label. Enjoyment means stability and quiet, and breakthrough means change and innovation, which again heralds the beginning of a new transformation... Related reading: glasses men's glasses
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