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u003cbru003e'Are there any' target='_blank'>sunglasses with a degree?' 'Can sunglasses still have a degree?' 'Are sunglasses made of myopia sunglasses look bad?' Recommended reading: What are the benefits of wearing polarized sunglasses frequently? I often have such questions asked me. The sun is shining and the weather is getting warmer. The 'sunglasses season' is coming soon. Today I will tell you about these myopic sunglasses. The technology of myopia sunglasses is actually very mature in China. The reason why it feels unreliable is largely because it is not very popular in China. In addition, although myopia sunglasses have both functions of myopia glasses and sunglasses, they cannot replace ordinary myopia glasses for indoor use, so many people think it is not cost-effective to buy them. But in fact, sunglasses are something that is closely related to our daily life. After all, when the ultraviolet rays are strong all year round, the damage caused by ultraviolet rays is great, such as cataracts, etc., so we have to prevent them. And when driving, sunglasses can well attenuate the dazzling lights such as high beams. The high-rise buildings in the city reflect strong light and will form a large range of scattered reflections during heavy rain. Myopic sunglasses with polarizing function can also filter these diffuse With reflected light, effectively relieve visual fatigue. So it is necessary to buy myopic sunglasses.
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