Does the baby need to wear sunglasses

u003cbru003eA survey by the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) shows that less than one-third of American parents know to wear protective sunglasses for their children. In childhood, if the eyes are in the sun for too long, it will cause cataracts and age-related macular degeneration in the future, and severely cause visual impairment or even blindness. Recommended reading: What brand of children's sunglasses is better? One of the questionnaires of the California Pediatric Clinic: Do you usually protect your child with sunscreen/ hats/ other measures when outdoors? It is three times that of an adult, and 80% of UV exposure in a lifetime occurs before the age of 20. Children’s lens is not easy to filter ultraviolet rays, which can damage the retina. Ultraviolet radiation causes eye problems for people of all ages, but it is important for children to protect their eyes because their refractive system is more transparent. The summer sun is dazzling, and the high-intensity ultraviolet rays test the delicate skin of babies. It is especially important to do a good job of sun protection for babies. However, some mothers tend to neglect the sun protection of the baby's eyes. In fact, before the age of 18, children will absorb 80% of their lifetime exposure to ultraviolet light. Children's cornea and lens are clearer than adults, and are more susceptible to ultraviolet rays. If you don't pay attention to sun protection, it may damage the children's corneal epithelium, and cause burns to the macula of the retina, and even lay hidden dangers to eye diseases such as cataracts in the future. The baby's eyes are in the developmental stage and need special care, especially to avoid direct sunlight that is too strong, and sunglasses are like a barrier to block and filter the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes. Therefore, wearing suitable high-quality sunglasses for your baby is great for protecting your eyes. In addition, children’s visual development requires normal light to effectively stimulate the macular area of u200bu200bthe retina. Therefore, the light transmittance of children’s sunglasses cannot be less than 30%. When the light transmittance is less than 30%, it may not be possible to ensure that the macular area of u200bu200bthe retina can be effectively stimulated. This causes amblyopia. Conclusion: 1. Normal visible light can effectively stimulate the eyes and is an important guarantee for children’s vision development. 2. Ultraviolet rays are invisible light and have no effective stimulation for children’s vision development. However, children’s cornea and lens, corneal epithelium, and macular retina are damaged. Excessive absorption of ultraviolet rays may cause burns. 3. Good sunglasses lenses must effectively block ultraviolet rays and stray light, and have sufficient light transmittance for normal light. There are many low-quality children's sunglasses on the market as toys, most of which are plastic colored glasses. It also has brown lenses, but the craftsmanship is very rough, the light transmittance is poor, the vision is blurred, and it cannot block ultraviolet rays. Children’s vision and visual function are in the developmental stage. If you often wear such poor quality glasses that do not meet the optical requirements, it will increase the adjustment burden on the eyes, affect the normal development of visual function, cause visual fatigue, and cause myopia, amblyopia, etc. . Over time, a series of symptoms such as jealousy, photophobia, blurred vision, and decreased color discrimination will occur. ?? Related Reading: Children's Sunglasses
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