Does Timeless provide EXW for metal polarized sunglasses ?

Yes. We provide price quotations of metal polarized sunglasses including EXW. In this case, the highest possible obligation will be placed on our customers. It means that we will simply make the products available, at our warehouse for example, and the customer is then responsible for arranging everything else. Usually, this will mean that the customer makes separate arrangements to have the products collected and shipped, including completing customs clearance. And we will then be obliged to provide the documents required for export processes, for example, although they can charge for doing so.
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Wenzhou Timeless Glasses is a technologically advanced enterprise which mainly produces acetate sunglasses. Timeless's custom made eyeglasses series include multiple types. During the production of Timeless trendy kids eyeglasses, it is tested for both life and strength, which is performed at some independent testing facilities. The product has a very long-lasting life. Customers who bought this product 2 years ago said it still functions excellently till now.
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In the future, Timeless will earnestly implement the scientific concept of eyeglass manufacturers and closely focus on the development strategy of eyeglass manufacturers. Call now!

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