Don't wear dark sunglasses when driving

u003cbru003eThe season of spring outing has begun again, and self-driving tours have become a better choice for many people. In order to have a good time and beauty, many people will prepare a pair of sunglasses. But for the driver, sunglasses are not only for blocking the glare of the sun, but also not for stinking, it is directly related to driving safety, but this does not mean that all sunglasses are suitable for drivers to wear, dark sunglasses when driving Should not be worn. Although dark sunglasses can block the glare, it also delays the transmission of visual signals to the brain, causing distortion of the ‘sense of speed’ and causing the driver to make wrong judgments. For example, when the car is moving at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour, wearing sunglasses that are too dark can extend the driver's reaction time to road conditions by 100 milliseconds, thereby increasing the sudden braking distance of 2.2 meters. YC9708 Universal Sunglasses C1 Black Frame Gold Legs/Lens Gray So what color sunglasses should we choose? We should choose light-colored lenses with better light-absorbing effects, such as brown, gray, dark green, etc. Brown filters blue light more thoroughly, while gray lenses have little effect on color and brightness. This is because sunglasses with too dark lenses can delay the time for the eyes to send images to the brain, prolonging the driver's reaction to the situation and causing accidents. In addition to the color, the driver cannot choose sunglasses with wide and heavy frames, which will cause the driver's eyelids and cheeks to feel sore, swollen, and numb, which may distract the driver. In addition to paying attention to the color when driving, we should pay attention to the function of wearing sunglasses! When driving, we have to focus on the situation ahead. We will be exposed to sunlight, reflections from the road, reflections from the front and rear windshields, and reflections from the glass walls of the buildings on both sides. , If there is no shade of sunglasses, it is easy to cause eye fatigue and affect safety. Ordinary sunglasses can only block strong light, and cannot block reflected light, glare, etc., while polarizers can filter the dazzling glare caused by various factors such as scattering, refraction, and reflection, and the light of the overall environment will not be greatly dimmed , The things that need to be observed can still be seen real, safer and more comfortable! In addition, do not choose sunglasses that may neutralize red and green, otherwise it will become artificial 'red-green blindness' and can't distinguish between traffic lights. If you want to learn more about the tips for choosing sunglasses when driving, you can find more information, website: Related reading: Driver glasses, driver sunglasses
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