Eight color sunglasses

u003cbru003eSummer has arrived, and the hot weather has lasted for many days. It is necessary to do a good job of sun protection. Not only our skin needs protection, but our eyes need sun protection. In addition to parasols and hats, what is more effective and fashionable is Wearing sunglasses, so what color of sunglasses can meet our own needs? Ray-Ban RB3025 unisex sunglasses 001/58 gold frame dark green lens (polarized) dark green lens: while absorbing light, it adds green light to the eyes to the maximum, so it has a cool and comfortable feeling, suitable for simple and tired eyes People use. However, due to its low light transmittance and clarity, it is suitable for wearing in the sun and not suitable for driving. YC9706 Unisex Sunglasses C1 bright black/gray-gray lens: absorbs any color spectrum in a balanced manner, so the viewing scene will only darken but there will be no difference in coloration, showing a real and natural feeling. Brown lenses: can absorb the purple and cyan in the light, can almost absorb most of the ultraviolet and infrared, can block the reflected light from the smooth and bright appearance, and the wearer can still see the subtle ones. It is the ideal choice for motorists. YC9709 Women's Sunglasses C2 Black/Lens Colorful Blue Blue Lenses: The most popular sunglasses lens color can effectively filter out the light blue reflected by the sea and sky, suitable for wearing when playing on the beach. Mercury lens: High-density mirror coating is selected for the appearance of the lens. Such lenses absorb and reflect more visible light, which is suitable for outdoor sports people. Yellow lens: Strictly speaking, this type of lens is not a sunglasses lens, because it hardly reduces visible light, but in foggy and evening hours, yellow lens can improve the contrast and provide more accurate vision, so it is also called night vision goggles. . It is very common to wear yellow lenses as filters when hunting and shooting. Light blue and light pink lenses: lenses that are more decorative than practical. Related Reading: Sunglasses Women Sunglasses
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