Essentials of buying sunglasses

u003cbru003eWhat are sunglasses? It is a super artifact that can not only block light and wind, but also dress up cool. The function of sunglasses is not small, but if you buy inferior sunglasses, it will have side effects. Today, the editor will start from many aspects and explain to consumers the essence of sunglasses shopping. YC9705 Universal Sunglasses C5 Tortoiseshell/Tawny Sunglasses Suitable occasions 1. Indoor and night: red, orange, yellow and other bright colors. Red, orange, and yellow are bright colors and cannot be worn in the sun because they will make the sun more dazzling, but they are suitable for driving at night, watching a movie in a movie theater or participating in a party, because it is dark or dark at night When wearing them indoors, not only will they not darken the color of the outside world, but they will have the effect of making the line of sight clearer and clearer. 2. Outdoors: dark colors such as brown, dark gray, and dark green. At this time, you should choose sunglasses with large dark lenses, such as brown, dark gray, dark green, etc. These colors can effectively reduce the sun's irritation to the eyes. 3. When driving: Polarizer. Polarizers can reduce the stimulation of light on human eyes, and reduce the impact of oncoming car light beams or front car taillights, filter harmful stray light, effectively reduce the discomfort of eyes to light, and make the vision clearer. At present, many high-end brands on the market have launched polarized lenses, which are more popular among motorists. Five points for choosing sunglasses 1. Material: The frame material is mostly plate and metal. If the citizen is allergic, he should choose plate frame as much as possible. The lens material is mostly resin and glass. Compared with the two, the hardness of the resin is slightly softer and requires more care. The hardness of the glass is slightly harder than that of the resin. 2. Color: The sunglasses lenses are gray, brown, green and other colors, which can better protect eyesight. Try to avoid choosing red, yellow and light blue. These three colors can't resist ultraviolet rays well. 3. Face shape: Friends with square faces should not wear sunglasses with oversized frames because of their obvious facial contours; citizens with round faces are suitable for wearing sunglasses with horizontal oval frames, because too big frames will make their faces bigger; The citizens are more casual, and any type of sunglasses is very suitable. 4. Crowd: Children under the age of 6 are very sensitive to strong light because their eyeballs are developing, and can automatically adjust to reduce the light entering the eyes, so it is not recommended to wear sunglasses; if the elderly have poor eyesight, they can wear light colors Sunglasses to protect eyesight; myopia patients can wear sunglasses clips, which can reduce eye discomfort. 5. Skin tone: friends with fair skin should not wear sunglasses with light-colored frames, which will make their faces pale, while citizens with dark skin should choose bright-colored frames to brighten the overall complexion of their faces. YC9707 Women's Sunglasses C2 Matte Black/Colorful Red Sunglasses How to distinguish between good and bad lenses When choosing, pay attention to the surface of the sunglasses. The surface of the good lenses should be clear and flawless, without bubbles or ripples; then look at the removed sunglasses , The reflection of the lamp tube on the surface of the lens should be uniform and smooth, the color of the lens should not be biased, and the color of the surrounding environment should not be distorted. Then put the glasses in front of the eyes about 15cm-20cm, observe the wall cracks or window frames or other straight objects through the lens, move the glasses, let the eyes observe whether the straight line is bent or fluctuate from different positions of the lens. If there is any change, it indicates that the lens may have residual power. This kind of lens may be easily dizzy after wearing for a long time, so give up the purchase! After reading so many, if you still have any questions, the editor recommends an article: teach you how to choose sunglasses. I believe that after reading such detailed sunglasses shopping guide, you will definitely be able to wear a good pair of sunglasses! Related reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses Brand
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