European and American male stars show you how to wear sunglasses

u003cbru003eThe choice of sunglasses is as important as the choice of watches for men, and attention must be paid to grade and style. A pair of fashionable sunglasses that suit you can help you quickly shape and add temperament. But how to match sunglasses to show your taste? See European and American male stars show you how to match sunglasses! Justin Timberlake / Justin Timberlake gray cap + RayBan sunglasses. Hats and sunglasses are often paired items, the most common is baseball caps. This kind of peaked cap worn by Justin appeared in England early. In addition to highlighting the British style, it can also make the face look sharp and effective. With a larger area of u200bu200bsunglasses, the effect is better. It looks small and easy to match with clothes. The tight-fitting dark round neck Tee clearly shows Justin's figure. The tight-fitting Tee is very picky. If you hold a big belly and wear a tight-fitting body, it will feel very greasy. The jeans and old leather shoes on the lower body are the products of the same matching logic as Tee and peaked caps, which make people look younger and more energetic, simple and effective. Justin's jeans are relatively long, with folds formed at the ankles. This is a very retro way of wearing. When the body and appearance are very suitable, it will remind people of the pop stars at the end of the last century. The matching of woolen hats and sunglasses is also a classic, but if the facial features are not three-dimensional, there is a danger of 'too mother'. This kind of small frame tortoiseshell sunglasses by Jamie Bell shows a gentle temperament and is also widely used, belonging to the versatile category. In addition to casual wear, lining suits are also available, and the top hat is more handsome. Nick Jonas/Zac Efron member Nick Jonas leaves the hotel in New York. The workplace suit wearing cat-eye sunglasses is a bit of a Hollywood blockbuster agent style, and the two-button slim-fit suit with a hidden upper body is also very stylish. For office workers who have always been unwilling to be lonely, there is still a sense of fashion when fashion is cool. The same are tortoiseshell sunglasses, but Zach brings out a completely different style from Jamie. Striped scarf with black motorcycle leather jacket, jeans with brown suede boots, the various items interact ingeniously, and they are full of manliness under each other. Dan Caten sunglasses have a variety of shapes, like this square and round shape for friends with long faces. A proper bib and beard are masculine. Men's fashion cannot live without sunglasses. Related Reading: Sunglasses and Sunglasses
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