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u003cbru003eSince 'Where is Dad?' and 'Dad is Back' and other shows, people have paid more and more attention to cute babies. Many parents also pay attention to the image of their children and often wear various modeling tools for their children. Among them, sunglasses are indispensable. So what are the children's fashion sunglasses? 1, Zoobug Daisy Series SS18 This new sunglasses series (SS18) is released together with the classic Zoobug Daisy, providing special sizes for mini fashionistas. The frame adopts the original daisy shape, which is suitable for smaller faces. The Zoobug silicone nose pads on the bridge are comfortable and easy to fit children. The color is bright and interesting for children! The picture shows: daisy, pink, with polarized ice blue mirror. The curling technique is non-toxic and plastic! Recommended reading: Choose carefully for children's sunglasses 2. ZOOBUG Cateye SS18 The new ZOOBUG Cateye is released as part of the SS18 sunglasses series, designed for young people aged 5-12. The frame has four dazzling colors-white, blue stripes, phosphor and clear, and has a wonderful original lens color from superb ice blue to polarized purple. This is the first year of the collection of 3 different sizes in the series launched by ZOOBUG LONDON. The purpose is to ensure that all children have the perfect fit and comfortable face specific anatomy, nose bridge and head size. 3. The MyZoobug series is specially designed for children on the move. The MyZoobug series is a lightweight and neutral traveler style style. It integrates a double-layer rubber injection layer at the temple, which is soft and flexible. The frame uses shatterproof polycarbonate 3 types of lenses, which can provide 100% UV protection. Comfortable, colorful, stylish and easy to wear. 4. The round children's sunglasses are hand-made acetate with a unique shape. The round sunglasses have a cool contemporary shape and are instantly eye-catching. This model provides 100% UV protection polarized lenses. Zoobug offers this model of optional plug silicone nose pads. The frame has strong high-quality OBE flexible hinges. The above-mentioned fashion children’s sunglasses are very popular and comfortable. They are not only beneficial to children’s eye health, but also allow children to appear fashionable and increase their confidence! Related reading: Children’s sunglasses fashion sunglasses
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