Fashion sunglasses, the 'finishing work' for face modification

u003cbru003eAs the trend changes, the functions of many products are becoming increasingly diversified. In the field of glasses, sunglasses are not just a simple sun-shading tool, but also a symbol of fashion. However, due to the difference of the face shape of each person, it is difficult for us to choose the one that suits our face shape when facing a dazzling array of fashionable sunglasses. The following editor will teach you how to choose the one that suits your face shape among the many sunglasses. Among all face shapes, those with oval face are convenient when choosing sunglasses. Because people with this face shape look good on almost any style of glasses. People with round faces are generally not suitable to wear round or angled sunglasses. Instead, they should choose square and wide frames, which will make our faces look less round and thinner. People with a heart-shaped face have a slightly wider forehead and a sharper chin. People with this type of face should avoid wearing frames with upturned sides, because that will make the contour of the face wider. Polygonal sunglasses and glasses will be more suitable for people with this type of face. If you have a square face, please choose sunglasses with a thick round frame. Because this kind of big round frame will make your face look slender and smooth. An oval face with wide-frame sunglasses will make your face look broad and stylish. If your face looks like an inverted triangle, then when you buy sunglasses, you should choose glasses with thicker frames, darker colors and slightly wider horizontal width to adjust the ratio of the face to the top and bottom, giving people a visual sense Sense of coordination. If you are dissatisfied with your face shape, you might as well choose a suitable sunglasses to modify your face shape according to the above insights of the editor, so that your temperament will be greatly improved.
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