Feel that your face is not good-looking and not suitable for wearing sunglasses?

u003cbru003eIt is said that there are no ugly women, only lazy women. This sentence also applies to sunglasses. Because many girls feel that their faces are round, pointed, and square. It is difficult to look directly at them when they see themselves wearing sunglasses. In short, various reasons are emerging. For this situation, I just want to say that no girl would look bad with glasses, only girls who don’t know how to match sunglasses according to their face shape. Then let the editor show you how to match sunglasses according to your face shape. Let's first compare your own face shape, heart-shaped face, round face, oval face, and square face. 1. Heart-shaped face. For girls with heart-shaped faces, match them as you like with sunglasses. However, I personally think that those exaggerated glasses are most suitable for girls with heart-shaped faces. Fan Ye is the representative of a girl with a heart-shaped face, and you look beautiful all the time. 2. Round face. The most worrying thing about girls with round faces is that they have too much flesh on their faces, which makes them difficult to match with sunglasses. But look at Zhao Liying and Chen Yanxi, whether they are very beautiful and generous with sunglasses. Although they have good looks and exquisite features, this is also an example, right? The editor here recommends cat-eye, butterfly, and toad-shaped sunglasses for girls with round faces. Although these three have special shapes, they are definitely the best sunglasses for round faces. Be careful not to wear naive, round, and light sunglasses. Sunglasses, because they will reduce the grade of sunglasses, and they are not beautiful. Recommended reading: Toad mirror leads the fashion trend to return strongly 3. Oval face. Girls with oval faces are most suitable to wear sunglasses with wide frames, because they can show the length of their faces, as long as they are not flat, wide sunglasses. Ruby Lin and Liu Yifei are representatives of girls with oval faces. 4. Square face. Girls with square faces always give people a sunny and tough breath, but the shortcoming is that the lines on the face are too rigid. So girls with square faces can wear square sunglasses that are slightly rounded to make the lines on the face look smooth. Li Yuchun and Yang Mi are well-deserved representatives of girls with square faces. The above mentioned by the editor is the skill of matching sunglasses according to the face shape. Did you find out? It's not because your face is not good-looking, but because you are not confident and don't match. What you need to know is that sunglasses are not like clothes. They have high requirements for height and figure. There are still relatively few factors to consider when matching a pair of sunglasses. Hurry up, I believe you will be able to choose a pair of sunglasses that suits you. Related Reading: Mature Sunglasses Fashion Sunglasses
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