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Although the important function of sunglasses is to block out strong light, they can also be used as a fashion manifestation, especially mirror sunglasses, the charm is unstoppable. Celebrities are also keen to wear mirror sunglasses, let’s take a look at those mirror sunglasses that absorb sperm!    Nicholson Wooster, who has been introduced to you before, is also a fan of mirror glasses, with a gentleman’s suit Dress up, match eye-catching mirror glasses, successfully captured the hearts of street photographers. Hollywood character actor Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt), he is so decadent, his beard and long hair style, if he is not careful, he will easily turn into a street bum. Fortunately, as smart as him, a pair of golden mirror glasses, no matter how to wear them in private or steal the spotlight on the red carpet, one can do it. Zac Efron, who is always 17 years old, wears a mustache and pretends to be old, but no matter how 'pretending to be mature' like the mirror glasses on his nose, it still reveals his actual age. The evolution of mirror glasses can be counted for decades. In addition, in recent years, the fashion circle has blown up the retro VINTAGE trend, so that countless 'fashion players' have begun to attack second-hand markets and flea markets for treasure hunting. Among them, the preservation of glasses is easier than clothing and is not easy to damage, so it has always been the leader in the second-hand market. Recommended sunglasses:     Ray-Ban RB2447-F Men’s Sunglasses 901/4J Black/Colorful Green Film  Ray-Ban RB3447 Men’s Sunglasses 002/4J Black/Colorful Green Film Related Reading: Reflective Sunglasses Square Sunglasses
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