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What glasses are retro? The first thing I think of is round glasses, especially gold-rimmed glasses. So will the sunglasses be different? Are the charms of round lens sunglasses limited to retro? Round lens sunglasses can also be sexy and charming Gong Xinliang turns into a Bond girl, with long wavy hair and Gentle Monster round frame reflective sunglasses, exuding a coquettish sister Fan, retro red lips, rich milk revealing, noble and glamorous, enchanting figure at a glance. Round lens sunglasses can also be full of vitality. Chen Yaan wears jeans and a white T-shirt, paired with cool round-frame sunglasses, a cool dress to transform into a handsome girl, full of vitality. Round lens sunglasses can also be fashionable. Korean actress Kong Seung-yeon took a set of fashion photos. The color-blocking jeans highlight the unique fashion sense, the round-frame sunglasses are smart, and the striped long skirt shows the pure and natural girly. After seeing so many round-lens sunglasses, the editor will recommend a few of them! YC3026 sunglasses C02 black gold/colorful blue lens ray-ban RB3447 sunglasses 002/4J black/colorful green lens Related reading: elegant sunglasses round frame sunglasses
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