Female celebrities teach you to unlock new ways to wear sunglasses!

u003cbru003eA must-have sunglasses in summer. I used to think that as long as you wear them, your sense of momentum will immediately increase. However, in addition to the shape of the face, the angle of the eyebrows and eyebrows is quite large, and the difference of one millimeter will bring it Everyone is perfect and stylish or accidentally broke the whole body shape. Today, I sorted out a few of the sunglasses matching skills of the popular Xiaohua in the recent street shooting. Using different small things to make sunglasses more attitude, not only enhances the strong sense of momentum, You can also show the dazzling street fashion~ Let’s learn together! Recommended reading: Which trendy sunglasses do female celebrities love? Sunglasses X Baseball caps are the favorite style of many big celebrities by matching sunglasses and baseball caps. A casual street impression. It seems casual but full of scheming. From the height of the baseball cap to the color selection of sunglasses, many small details need to be paid attention to. For the choice of clothing, plain and plain items are recommended. , Use the level of matching to create a rich fashion personality. 6069 Unisex Sunglasses C4 Blue Frame Gun Legs/Colorful Blue Song Qian wears a neatly tailored black, and the color of the hat also echoes. Choosing blue-coated sunglasses looks very cool and stylish. Lou Yixiao's pink set is very cute. The sunglasses have a cat-eye style that matches with the pink hat, which is lively and girly! Qi Wei wears the hat instead, and the pure black big-frame sunglasses create a boyish style. It’s really playful~ Girls who want to try boylish girl style can learn more! Sunglasses X neckwear, the mainstream chocker recently, has become a must-have accessory for many people. The matching method of sunglasses and necklaces is the most basic on the street The style, emphasizing the key style, makes people feel very impressive at a glance. When choosing this matching method, the necklace should not be too complicated and not too wide, so as not to show the bloated face. Zhang Tianai has a slender neck, wears a simple chocker, and a pair of black glasses. He is very handsome. As expected of her husband! Tang Yixin chose a hand-tie bow, which coincides with her lovely temperament. Sweet ~ Shen Mengchen's neck is also very slender. The thin necklace accentuates the line of the neck, and the big square sunglasses set off her face. Is very small. Just look at two words above the neck: compact. Sunglasses X In addition to the above-mentioned emphasis on the matching of the head and neck, we can also work hard on other parts of the face. Earrings are a single product that can light up the shape of sunglasses. Sunglasses are horizontal jewelry, and earrings are vertical jewelry. Victoria Song chose earrings with a pendant design to modify the outline of her small face with her sunglasses. Ni Ni added a chain to her sunglasses to deepen the focus of her face. The styling is very eye-catching, while showing the personality, it also makes the whole look quite fashionable. Recommended reading: 7 necessary conditions for buying genuine sunglasses
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