Five must-have sunglasses for outings

u003cbru003eThe weather is getting warmer, and the number of friends going out for a walk is gradually increasing. Imagine how pleasant it is to walk on the green grass, have a picnic with your family, and bask in the sun with your lovers. But will sunny days cause inconvenience? Of course, in order to block the strong sunlight, you need a pair of sunglasses! The editor introduces to you the five essential sunglasses for outing. What do the five here specifically refer to? They are actually tinted lenses of different colors. 1. Gray lens YC9713 universal sunglasses C1 gun color/gray can absorb infrared rays and 98 ultraviolet rays. The big advantage of the gray lens is that it will not change the original color of the scene due to the lens, and the great satisfaction is that it can very effectively reduce the light intensity. Second, red lens sunglasses YC9006 wine red fashion women's square polarized sunglasses, this is a very common color. It can absorb 95 ultraviolet rays, and some shorter wavelength visible light. In fact, this function is similar to that of ordinary untinted lenses, which means that red lenses will not have a greater protective effect than ordinary lenses. But for some people, it still helps a lot psychologically because they feel more comfortable to wear. 3. Brown lens Anta AT8008dms tortoiseshell new fashion retro polarized sunglasses for ladies. This kind of lens absorbs the same kind of light as the green lens, but absorbs more blue light than the green lens. The degree of color distortion caused by brown lenses is greater than that of gray and green lenses. Therefore, the average person's satisfaction is also lower. But it provides another color choice, and can slightly reduce the halo of blue light, making the image clearer. Fourth, the green lens 2014 new YC9015 gun color retro sunglasses trendy male frog mirror polarized sunglasses, like the gray lens, the green lens can effectively absorb infrared light and 99 ultraviolet rays. But the green lens will change the color of some scenes and distort it. Moreover, the effect of blocking light is slightly inferior to that of gray lenses. However, green is still as good as an excellent protective lens. 5. Yellow lens Ray-Ban RB8056 men's sunglasses 175/6Q tortoiseshell can absorb 100 ultraviolet rays, and can let infrared rays and 83 visible light penetrate the lenses. The big feature of the yellow lens is that it absorbs most of the blue light. Because when the sun shines through the atmosphere, it is mainly represented by blue light (this can explain why the sky is blue). After the yellow lens absorbs the blue light, it can make the natural scene more clear. Therefore, the yellow lens is often used as a 'filter' or used by hunters when hunting. However, no one can prove that the target shooting performance is better because the shooter wears yellow glasses. Related Reading: Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses Brand
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