Five precautions for buying sunglasses

u003cbru003eA good pair of sunglasses can not only protect your eyes, but also make you star. However, the quality of sunglasses sold in the market varies from good to bad. As a layman, how can we choose a pair of high-quality and cheap sunglasses when we buy sunglasses? Below, the editor sorts out the five precautions for sunglasses purchase for everyone who needs to buy sunglasses as a reference. Note 1: When choosing sunglasses, first observe whether the overall sunglasses are deformed, whether there are scratches, bubbles, stripes, and impurities on the lens surface. In addition, it is necessary to check the product name, model, color number, quality level, manufacturer, and trademark information that the sunglasses should have in order to complete the overall quality control. Note 2: For the color selection of sunglasses, you should choose according to your skin color, face shape and dress, etc., as well as the occasion or job you are going to. For people who often go in and out outdoors with strong sunlight, it is better to wear darker lenses. For people who often drive at night, it is better to choose sunglasses with night vision function, which can reduce the effects of reflections and glare and ensure safe travel. Note 3: For products that are satisfactory in shape and color of sunglasses, it is also necessary to test the comfort of wearing sunglasses. The comfort of wearing sunglasses is not only not dizzy after wearing, but also pay attention to the harmony between the bridge of the nose and the ears after wearing the sunglasses. Try to choose light sunglasses, which will reduce the pressure on the bridge of the nose and ears. Increase wearing comfort. Note 4: In addition to sun-shading and anti-glare, sunglasses should also have the effect of preventing ultraviolet rays from harming the eyes. Here, the editor needs to remind everyone that the UV resistance of sunglasses has nothing to do with the color of the lens. When choosing sunglasses, be sure to choose uv400 sunglasses. Only such sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the eyes and protect the eyes. Note 5: At present, there are some myopia sunglasses on the market that directly indicate the degree of myopia. However, due to the differences in the degree of myopia, interpupillary distance, astigmatism and other parameters for each person, consumers should not choose this type of sunglasses without the guidance of professionals. Sunglasses with degree. If a nearsighted friend wants to wear sunglasses, he must go to a professional eyeglass shop for tailoring, so as to ensure the health of the eyes when wearing them. Sunglasses purchase entrance:
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